How to Use Emoji on a Chromebook

How to Use Emoji on a Chromebook

Emoji were first popularized on smartphones but are just as important on computers. Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets also have emoji built in. We will show you how to use them on your device and where to find them.

It is possible that people might not use emojis as often on a laptop than they do on a smartphone. Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks all have emoji support. These emojis are easy to find whenever you want that extra touch only an emoji can offer.

Chromebooks are available in a variety of form factors, including those with physical keyboards or touchscreen-only tablets. The traditional keyboard and mouse will be our first choice.

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Use Emoji with a physical keyboard

Your cursor must be in a textbox first. Right-click on the text box to add an Emoji.

The pop-up menu will open. Click on the “Emoji” option.

A pop-up window with emojis will open along with a search box. You will also find the emoji categories listed at the top. You can search for or browse the emoji that you are looking for and then choose it.

If you prefer, there is also a keyboard shortcut in ChromeOS 92. To bring up the same emoji popup window, press the Search/Launcher key+Shift+Space.

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Use Emoji with a Touchscreen

The process is much simpler on a touchscreen Chromebook that doesn’t have a physical keyboard. To open the virtual keyboard, type in a text field.

Next, click the Emoji button on the virtual keyboard.

The virtual keyboard may appear in a floating window, just like Chrome OS devices that have a physical keyboard.

The same emoji menu will be displayed when you click the button. Choose the emoji that you wish to use. When you open the menu, the most recent emoji will be displayed first.

This is all there is to it. Chromebook allows you to use emoji as much as you want. Emoji aren’t just for smartphones.

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