How to Use Cookbook Elden Ring

How to Use Cookbook Elden Ring

Now that you’ve got one of the key items in the game, you might be asking yourself, what do you do about Cookbooks in Elden Ring? You can use it to craft items.

How to Use Cookbook Elden Ring? You will need a crafting kit, which you can get from Merchant Kale at Church of Elleh. Once you have this, you can use the recipes to make new items. Cookbooks can be used to make things even more interesting.

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How to Use Cookbook Elden Ring

You can use the Cooking Kit to unlock new crafting ideas. You will need to have ammo and consumables that are appropriate for the location and situation you are in. Cookbooks, along with crafting materials, are vital for your progress.

When you come across a merchant, be sure to ask if they sell cookbooks. You don’t have to spend any Runes to find them. You can get them sometimes via enemy/boss drops and from NPCs.

Cookbook Recipes

You will need a specific Cookbook in order to unlock a recipe to make an item. Once you have your Cookbook, you can start searching for the right materials or combine what you already have. Here are a few examples.

Nomadic Warrior’s cookbook 1 contains three recipes for Bone Arrow and Bone Arrow (Fletched), as well as Bone Bolt.

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Bone Arrow, x10

  • 3 Thin Beast Bones

Bone Arrow (Fletched), 10

  • 3 Thin Beast Bones
  • 1 Flight Pinion

Bone Bolt x10 2

  • Thin Beast Bones

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 2 includes 3 Recipes for Invigorating Curated Meat, Glowstone, and Invigorating White Cured Meat.


  • 1 Ruin Fragment
  • 1 Dewkissed Herba

Revitalize Cured Meat

  • 3 Golden Rowa
  • 1 Sliver of Meat
  • 1 Crab Eggs
  • 1 Land Octopus Ovary

White cured meat is a revitalizing option

  • 3 Golden Rowa
  • 1 Strip of White Flesh
  • 1 Crab Eggs
  • 1 Land Octopus Ovary

So on. This location contains all cookbooks. It will help you in your crafting journey. Here are all consumable recipes.

This is it! This is how to use your Elden Ring cookbooks. And the best thing is that you can keep them with you when the game ends and you move to NG+.

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