How to Use Apple Pay at Gas Station | Easy Guide

How to Use Apple Pay at Gas Station

If you’re looking to learn how to use Apple Pay at Gas Stations, This guide will take you through the steps and provide useful information about what gasoline stations support Apple Pay.

You don’t want to waste much time at the gas station. It’s true. Apple Pay can help you achieve this by making it easier to pay for fuel. It’s not just time-saving but is also very easy to use after you get the knack for it.

First of all, Apple Pay can be used at any major gasoline station, including Shell, Costo, Chevron, Exxon, Wawa, Arco and many more. Apple Pay works using NFC technology. Thus, any gas station that accepts Apple Pay will have the “Tap to Pay” symbols visible on the Pump (Apple Pay logo or the NFC wifi logo)

But, you might encounter gas stations that do not offer Apple Pay option. This has more related to the proprietor of the local gas station rather than the company.

How do I pay with Apple Pay at Gas Station? 

You can pay using Apple Pay at the gas station by placing your iPhone close to the NFC reader in the Pump. This will activate your Apple Wallet automatically, authenticate yourself using a touch id or facial id, and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the transaction.

You can also download the appropriate Gas Station app (where it is supported), then choose Apple Pay as the payment method and pay within the app.

We’ll look at the specific steps required to accomplish this.

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How to Use Apple Pay at Gas Station Easy Steps

How to Use Apple Pay at Gas Station

Method 1. Using an NFC Reader at the Gas Pump

  • Step 1. Set your car against the Pump.
  • Step 2. Find your Apple Pay logo or NFC symbol (Wifi symbol, usually in black and white fonts on a background) at the gas station, meaning that you can pay with Apple Pay.
  • Step 3. Keep the back of your iPhone in front of the NFC symbol. This should bring up your Apple Pay app automatically on your iPhone.
  • Step 4. With the iPhone, you will be able to confirm with the Touch ID or Face ID code to authenticate yourself. This will activate the Pump.
  • Step 5. Then follow the directions displayed on the Pump’s screen and fill the tank once it displays the message.

This applies to all gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

Method 2. Using Apple Pay as the payment method within Gas Station App. Gas Station App

There’s a third option available at specific gas stations, where you can pay using the app of the gas company. Many firms have applications you can utilize to fill up with gas and pay, such as Exon Mobile Rewards+ App, Shell Speedway App (using Pay at the Pump) or the BPme App: BP & Amoco Gas Rewards App.

You must download the gasoline station app from which you’ll be filling up and then complete the registration process. Add Apple Pay as a payment method to the app. You can then make the payment through the app, not using the NFC reader at the Pump.

Exxon and BP are both using apps that permit users to make use of ApplePay within the application. The Exxon app lets you use a QR-code scanner to go to the Pump.

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How to use Apple Pay at Exxon Gas Station

How to Use Apple Pay at Gas Station
  • Step 1: Download the Exon mobile app and link to your Apple Pay as a payment method. After installing your Exxon Mobil app, tap on “Account,” then scroll to the “Payment method” option. Choose “Add option for payment” and select “Apple Pay.”
  • Step 2. Check that you have your Apple Card is set as the default card for Apple Pay in the Wallet app.
  • Step 3. The app should be able to access your location whenever you’re using it.
  • Step 4. If you’re close to a gas station, click “Pay Now” in the app’s drop-down menu.
  • Step 5. Pick the Pump number you’re looking at, and it should be authorized.

It will debit your card within the correct amount when you’ve finished filling it up.

How to use Apple Pay at Shell Gas Station

Shell Pay At the Pump is a fuel payment feature included in Shell App. This feature lets you pay for fuel with your mobile phone quickly in your car, without using the reader at the Pump. It’s accessible at all Shell stations. Follow these steps to make use of Apple Pay within the Shell app to pay for the gas station:

  • Step 1. Install the Shell app and then add “Apple Pay” as a payment option.
  • Step 2. When you are at the Pump, put your vehicle up against the Pump, launch the Shell App and confirm the Pump’s number.
  • Step 3. Choose your payment method for “Apple Pay” to purchase your fuel fast without having to wait in the queue at the station
  • Step 4. Watch for the “Start Fuelling” message to be displayed.
  • Step 5. Start Filling with fuel. The cost is automatically debited using the payment method you have chosen when you’re finished filling up.

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How do I make use of Apple Pay at Chevron Gas Station?

How to Use Apple Pay at Gas Station

You can use Apple Pay by the normal method by placing either your iPhone or Apple watch close to the Apple Pay Logo or NFC symbol at the Pump. This activates an Apple Pay app, authenticates by using a face or touch ID and following the instructions displayed on the screen at the gas station.

Although Chevron has their application, unfortunately, it doesn’t permit Apple to pay to use it as a payment option currently.

How do I utilize Apple Pay at the BP Gas Station?

With their application, you can pay with Apple Pay at a BP gas station. Get the BPme Rewards gas app to your iPhone to launch the gas app, then add “Apple Pay” as a payment option. Check-in is available in any of the BP and Amoco gas stations using the app. When inside the gas station, choose your fuel station from your vehicle.

Remember that some gas stations require that you use your debit card to pay using Apple Pay. For instance, most ARCO gas stations will accept Apple Pay only when a debit card is utilized.

Paying using Apple Pay (using Apple Cash) at a Gas Station

If you are using Apple to pay at a petrol station by using this method of swipe, you can opt to use Apple Cash as a payment alternative, rather than an associated credit Card or Debit Card. Although this method is beneficial, however, make sure you have enough cash within the Apple Cash account to cover any charges for holding.

A Hold Charge can be a method to determine if you’ve got enough funds in your account (As Apple Pay works just like a debit card) that puts a holding charge hold a charge on your account for an amount that could be much more than the amount of fuel you’ve used. This charge will be reversed after a while, but only that amount due to fuel is debited.


That’s the easiest method to use Apple Pay at a gas station. You can use your NFC readers at your Pump or make payments through the app for gas (if the gas company has one) by using Apple Pay as the payment method.

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