How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV | 2 Easy Ways

How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV

YouTube TV subscribers can easily alter their payment method via the account section. However, it is dependent on the device they’re using. But How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV?

YouTube TV subscribers can modify their subscription and even change their payment method by going to the accounts section in the settings menu. While the payment method can be changed on a variety of platforms, subscribers will discover it difficult to change their billing for all operating systems or devices.

A YouTube TV subscription costs $64.99 per month, which makes it among the most costly live streaming options on the market. It’s not even the base cost; the total price increases when you add extras or extra features that are included with the basic subscription. So, the amount the individual subscriber pays will be contingent on their particular live TV subscription.

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How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV

How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV | 2 Easy Ways

This means that the price can differ from subscriber to subscriber; however, so too does the date for billing. Each subscriber is charged by YouTube every month, and when the next payment is due is based on when they signed up for the first time, following any free trial. No matter when the payment is due to be made, it’s essential to ensure that your payment process is current to date to prevent any interruption of the YouTube service.

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Changes to YouTube TV’s payment method

How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV | 2 Easy Ways

Updating the YouTube TV payment option is feasible via the account section in the settings. The easiest method to get access is using a web browser on the computer.

Version Update YouTube TV payment:

  1. Go to the YouTube TV website
  2. Log in, if required
  3. Click on the profile image (top right)
  4. Select Settings
  5. Click on Billing
  6. Next to “Payment Method”

After clicking update, users will get more details regarding their account, such as the current payment method. This section also provides the option of adding new payment options or switching between the existing payment options. If you change the payment method, the payment method will be automatically used for any subsequent payments. The exact date at which the next payment will be made will be determined by the particular customer’s cycle of billing.

It is also important to keep in mind that a YouTube TV account is not an independent service. It is linked directly with the account owner’s Google accounts. Thus, any payment options linked to the Google account are accessible to users as YouTube TV payment options. It’s the same for other payment options. In addition to a payment feature for YouTube TV, the subscriber effectively creates a payment option for their Google account.


How do you update the payment method?

How To Update Payment Method On YouTube TV | 2 Easy Ways

As is the norm for streaming providers, YouTube TV is available to download and view on a wide range of devices. However, this does not mean that the application is identical across all supported devices and platforms. It also means that users may be able to find they are not able to modify their accounts, such as updating their payment methods on certain devices and platforms.

In general, if you want to update your payment method is offered via a particular YouTube TV application that is available; it will be at the same place. This is done click on the profile picture and then selecting Settings, then Billing, and after that, the Payment Method or update. The user can examine their current billing options and make any required changes.

Suppose a subscriber discovers that the option to modify the method of payment isn’t displayed in the app or the section on billing isn’t visible at all. In that case, the best solution is to open the settings for their account using the browser, as explained in the earlier section. Although this might be more troublesome to some subscribers, changing the billing information is unlikely to be something most users will have to perform frequently.

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YouTube TV payment changes summary

Modifying the YouTube TV payment method is relatively simple to accomplish by using your Billing part of the setting. When you’re in the right section in the settings, you, as a YouTube TV subscriber, can view their current bill information and payment due date and change their payment method, either by changing to another billing method or by adding another payment method. Once the change is completed, the new payment method will be utilized for future YouTube TV subscription payments.

The process of changing the payment method is simple enough, but the change isn’t always available across all platforms and devices. If the capability to change the method is present within a particular application, the option will be found in the settings section by clicking on the icon for your profile. In general, the simplest and most reliable method to modify the payment method is going to the account section on YouTube TV. YouTube TV website.

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