How To Update Apps On Vizio TV? Easy Steps

Update Apps On Vizio TV

The general expectation of Smart televisions is they can install our favourite apps, Update Apps On Vizio TV, and then delete them if we do not want them.

Most smart TVs include an inbuilt app store that allows you to download and install the application. At the same time, some companies offer only a few built-in applications for the smart TV that you cannot change aside from changing them to a fresher version.

VIZIO is an American company that designs and produces televisions with smart features. VIZIO has always let customers control the applications on their TVs; however, in 2016, they modified their policy with the launch of its SmartCast operating system.

After the change, many users couldn’t figure out how to update their apps on Vizio televisions. In this article, we’ve covered the steps you must follow to update your apps for Vizio TVs. However, before doing that you can do that, you must confirm whether apps for Vizio smart TVs can be updated or not.

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Do I have the ability to update apps on the Vizio Smart TV?

Update Apps On Vizio TV

You can update your apps on Vizio television, but the method of updating differs based on the two operating systems. Two kinds of Vizio smart TVs are available.

  • Vizio Smartcast TVs
  • VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) TVs.

If your smart television is running an operating system called the Smartcast OS, you will not be able to update or install applications manually. When you update your Smartcast OS to its latest release, all apps installed on your television will update automatically. This is a simple process if you don’t have application-level control.

You can install, upgrade, and update apps on VIA TVs through their Vizio App Store. You can also delete apps when you aren’t sure what you want from what you’re using them.

So, let’s continue to follow the steps for updating apps for the Vizio Smart TV.

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How To Update Apps On Vizio TV?

Steps for Vizio Internet App Smart TVs

Update Apps On Vizio TV

#1. Then, using the VIA Smart TV remote, click the V button to launch Vizio App Store. Vizio App Store.

#2. Go to the application that you would like to upgrade.

#3. Press to activate the red button on the remote.

#4. If you see an update button appearing in the display, choose update.

#5. If there’s not an update, it could mean you’re on the most recent version.

#6. If you believe that this could be due to an error, click the delete app button. Start Vizio App Store. Vizio App Store and then install the app to get the most recent version.

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Steps for Vizio Smartcast TVs

Update Apps On Vizio TV

As I’ve previously mentioned, the Smartcast TVs firmware should be upgraded to keep your app current. If your Smartcast TV connects to the web, it’ll check for updates frequently.

If there is an update available, The download begins immediately. After you shut off your TV, the software of the Vizio Smart TV will be upgraded. The next time you start the TV, a message stating ” new update was installed” will be displayed to confirm that the most recent update has been installed.

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If you’d like to update the firmware by hand, it can be done by following the steps below:

#1. Hit the V key on the Vizio Smart TV remote.

#2. Scroll down until you reach the menu system.

#3. On the System Menu, Select “Check for Updates”.

#4. The TV will search for updates. If an update is found, then download it to your TV.

#5. Once you have downloaded the upgrade, reboot your TV to install the updates.

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