How to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring? Easy Ways

How to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring

Although it isn’t essential, crafting is handy when playing Elden Ring. During the game, players will find materials to craft various items across the globe. The items, however, can’t be used until crafting is released.

Then, in this Elden Ring guide, we have provided all the information on How to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring.

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How to Unlock Crafting in Elden Ring

Crafting in Elden Ring can be unlocked at the start of the game. After you have spawned in the game, you can continue to play the game until reaching the Site of Grace at the First Step – there should be an equestrian boss visible from a distance.

There is no requirement to confront the boss. All the player has to do is travel slightly left from where the boss is located – the Tree Sentinel – inside the remnant of a church called Church of Ellen. After entering the church, there is an NPC in the church, which is a merchant.

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Players only need to talk to the seller and purchase an item referred to as a crafting Kit. It is the item that is required to be purchased to gain the ability to create various items in Elden Ring. The purchase of the Crafting Kit will cost a player around a couple of hundred Runes that are easy to obtain even at this early stage of the game.

If you cannot afford it, there will be around a dozen or so enemies patrolling the surrounding region. They can be cultivated to earn enough Runes enough for the player to be able to purchase the crafting Kit. Like we said earlier, though not necessary, there are numerous useful items that a player can obtain through the process of crafting.

We’ve found out about unlocking crafts for crafting in Elden Ring. For more details on the game, visit our comprehensive Elden Ring Wiki page.

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