How To Unboost A Discord Server | Easy Ways (2022)

How To Unboost A Discord Server

Boosting in Discord lets users of Discord Nitro unlock specific capabilities of the Server.

Sometimes, users make a mistake and boost the incorrect Server or decide not to boost a specific Discord Server.

What can he do? In this guide, I’ll explain How To Unboost A Discord Server.

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How to Unboost a Discord Server

How To Unboost A Discord Server | Easy Ways (2022)

Discord Server Boosting can be used to unlock specific features of the Server. It’s a collaborative effort, so it is the greater number of members who boost the capabilities of a Discord Server, the better it is. However, there are times when a user is no longer interested in Boosting the Discord Server. This is the procedure you’ll need to do.

The first thing to note is that boosts are a constant alteration to the Discord Server. This means that the Nitro user can’t simply get rid of the boost when it was included in a discord Nitro subscription. But you can Transfer the Boost from one Server to the next Discord Server. This is how you can Unboost a Discord Server. To accomplish this, you’ll have to navigate into Your Account Settings. Then, click the Server Boost. You will see the boosts you have installed on every Discord Server you have.

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How To Unboost A Discord Server | Easy Ways (2022)

Choose the option you wish to remove from the list and click the three dots on the right. There are two options available, transfers of boosted accounts and canceling The Boost subscription. If you’ve purchased the boost, you can choose the Cancel option to remove the boost from your Discord Server. In other cases, you can select the Transfer Boost option and place it on the fake Server until you locate the Discord Server that you would like to Boost.

This is how you can Unboost a Discord Server. Boosting is a very serious issue in Discord; therefore, ensure that the Server you are boosting is the right one. This guide was all about deboosting the performance of a Discord Server. We hope that this guide has been helpful to you. 

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