How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller | 2 Easy Methods

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller | 2 Easy Methods

The Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles. Gamers love playing games with this console. With the Controller, you can watch TV and movie shows with 4K quality.

It is recommended to switch off your Controller correctly to conserve battery life, and also, you won’t be required to utilize the Controller each time.

You can Turn Off Xbox One Controller by pressing the controller button or console. Here, we’ll examine how to shut off your Xbox One controller in two different ways.

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How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller via Bluetooth

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller | 2 Easy Methods

1.) Locate your Xbox button located in the middle of your Controller.

2.) Press and hold it for six seconds.

3.) It will be turned off automatically.

4.) If you switch it on, it will automatically reconnect to the device you last connected.

Notice: Remember, if you hit the Xbox button for 15 minutes, the console will forcefully restart your Xbox One Console.

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Alternative Way (Using Console)

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller | 2 Easy Methods

1.) Connect your Xbox controller to the console. To the console.

2.) 2. Now, press and hold down the Xbox button for three minutes.

3.) A new pop-up window will be displayed in the area to which the console has been connected.

4.) In this, select the Controller’s option to turn off.

If you’re not sure whether this method is working If not, take the batteries from your Controller to switch off the power.

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller | 2 Easy Methods

To stop your Controller’s auto-sleep feature, look up the auto-sleep option within the setting of your control panel. This option is available in all modern console models.

If you cannot discover the auto sleep option to use, you can try a Micro USB cable or a USB charge cable to connect to the console. It will stop the Controller from going to sleep.

In addition, you may make use of an additional Rubber strap to secure the button to the control. This way, the Controller can be convinced that someone has pressed an appropriate button to engage in gaming and will not switch into sleep mode.

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If you own a wired controller, you can remove it from the console to switch it off. If you have questions, you may always contact us or share your thoughts with us via the comment section.

How can I switch off the Vibration on the Xbox One Controller?

You can stop the Controller’s Vibration by entering the vibration settings into the console. It is possible to go to Device & Streaming in the Settings and then click on the Accessories. Choose your Controller and then select to configure it so that you can turn off the Vibration.

How do I disable Xbox One Controller on a PC?

The Xbox One Controller is connected to the PC via Bluetooth. You can shut it off within your Controller. It is necessary to press the Guide button on the Controller to turn it off.

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