How to Turn Off Snapchat Discover | 2 Easy Methods

How to Turn Off Snapchat Discover | 2 Easy Methods

Snapchat Discover can be described as a feature of Snapchat that provides you with Snap videos from Snapchatters worldwide. Discover will show you the most popular Snap story and stories that could be something you like.

It’s among the ways to find the latest Snapchat story from someone who isn’t among those you consider friends or followers. You can also join specific Snapchatters when you find their content on the Discover feed.

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Here are the most compelling reasons you should deactivate this feature. Discover feature.

  1. Not related content Snapchat Discover could present unrelated content to what you are viewing. It could also not be what you want to see. The ability to deactivate the content from appearing on your Snapchat feed benefits you.
  2. Focus on content that matters by selecting and filtering your Snapchat Discover; the feed will be able to recognize your preferences and then display content from Discover that is more suitable to you. This will enable you to receive a newsfeed within Discover that is important to you.

Also, if you’re interested in learning how to disable this function, Here are the steps.

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How To Turn Off Snapchat Discover?


At the Snapchat camera’s screen, Swipe to the left


When you enter the area, it will show the “Discover” area.

Click on any “Discover” material you don’t like for a maximum of two seconds


An open menu option will appear. Tap on “Hide From Discover”

The type of content and the specific Snapchatter will not be displayed on the Snapchat Discover feed.

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HOW to report and BLOCK CONTENT

Step 1.

On the Snapchat Discover menu, tap on the content you don’t like.

Step 2.

In the story’s snap page, click the flag icon to the left of

Step 3.

You can select which option you wish to report on the Report menu.

Step 4.

Once the report has been received After the report was sent, click “Block” to stop all Snapchat material from Snapchat. Snapchatter

So now you know two easy ways to block the Snapchat Discover feature from your Snapchat feed. We would appreciate your comments about the other Snapchat function you’d like to deactivate.

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