How To Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord PC & Mobile in 2 Easy Steps?

How To Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord PC & Mobile?

Emojis have made our lives simpler. People can express their feelings more effectively with their assistance, but occasionally it is just a matter of wanting to make use of emoticons.

With the default, however, Discord has the option to change emoticons used in messages into emoticons. If you don’t like this, here’s How To Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord PC & Mobile?.

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How do I turn off Auto Emoji on Discord PC?

Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord

To turn off the auto-emoji feature of Discord, take these steps:

  • Launch the Discord application.
  • Locate your user settings icon on the Discord name’s right, and then click it.
  • Click on Text or Images from the left.
  • Look for the Emoji section to find the area of Emoji, and there you will locate the automatic conversion of emoticons in your messages to the Emoji option.
  • Please switch off the feature by clicking the tick mark, after which it’ll turn grey out.
  • The next time you compose a smiley, it looks like it will stay and will not change into an emoji with a smiley face (graphic).
  • If you’d like to see the emojis again, you have to follow the steps once more and switch the option off.

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How do I Get Emoticons as Emojis?

Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord

There’s a method to download emoticons as emojis via Discord whenever you’d like to use them. If you wish for the emoticon to be displayed, just type the middle emoticon. For example, write \:-)

If you wish for the Emoji to be displayed, do not type. The backslash button will appear located over that Enter button on your keyboard. Check it out and observe the difference!

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How do I Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord Mobile?

Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord

If you’re using Discord, the Discord mobile app, there’s no option to switch off auto-emojis within the Settings. This is because you enter a word, and it will appear as such.

When it comes to emojis, you’ll have to select an emoji from the emoji keyboard on your phone. This means that you can choose any emoticon/Emoji you wish to use anytime.

This was the method to Turn Off Auto Emoji on Discord on your PC or mobile devices. I hope this helps! Go into the Discord guide section if you’re looking for further Discord advice, tricks, and errors fixes.

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