How to Turn Off 24 Hour Chat on Snapchat | Easy Ways

Off 24 Hour Chat on Snapchat

Snapchat is well-known due to its disappearing snapshots, as well as messages. In the beginning, the app allowed messages to be visible until other user had viewed them. 

With an update that allows users to extend the timeframe to an entire day! How to Turn Off 24 Hour Chat on Snapchat?

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How to Modify Settings for Snapchat Chat | How Do You Keep Chat Conversations For Up to 24 Hours

How to Turn Off 24 Hour Chat on Snapchat | Easy Ways

If you’re looking to preserve your messages longer to ensure that you’ve got an idea of what is happening (are you paying attention, Snapchat? ) This feature is perfect for you.

First step: Allow chats to remain saved up to 24 hours following the time they were seen, open the Snapchat app. Then swipe left to access the chat page.

Step 2.Now choose a chat with a person who you want for this option to be applied to. Click and hold the chat. Within the pop-out menu choose “More”.

Step 3.Tap “Delete Chats” …’. You can then change the settings from “After Viewing to 24 Hours Following Viewing’.

All ready! You probably realized that the setting will only apply to chats between you and your user. You’ll need to modify the setting for every user.

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What happens next after you click “24 hours after viewing”?

How to Turn Off 24 Hour Chat on Snapchat | Easy Ways

If you alter the settings for chats you have with an individual, the user to whom the setting was applied will be notified by email that informs them of the new setting.

If you return to deleting chats ‘After Viewing the Chat’, all chats which were previously viewed in the last 24 hours will disappear.

Note: Messages posted in groups are removed after 24 hours , by default. There is no way to alter this setting.

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24 Hour Chat on Snapchat| Why cannot I save chats to 24 hours?

The problem is believed to be caused in the event that one or both users are using outdated versions of Snapchat. Snapchat application. Go to your local Google Play Store (for Android) and Apple App Store (for iOS) and upgrade your app to the most current version. This will fix the issue.

How do you save chats permanently

How to Turn Off 24 Hour Chat on Snapchat | Easy Ways

There is a method to extend chats beyond the 24-hour limit. In order to do this, you’ll have be able to archive each line of chat in a separate way.

To keep a chat for the duration of time and to prevent it from being deleted, swipe left off the camera’s screen in Snapchat app.

Start a chat with a person, type the chat you’d prefer to keep, then press send.

Tap and hold the chat until you see an alert. Select ‘Save to Chat to save permanently that chat line from the conversation.

For the user to unsave the conversation, press then hold it for a second time and choose ‘Unsave Chat’.

Note You as well as the other user are able to save chats. Saving a chat won’t erase it even if another user saved it as well.

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