How to Toxel Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield | 5 Easy Steps

Toxel Evolution in Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were created by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch. Sward, as well as Shield, are nearly identical games. If you’re a new player or an experienced player, Pokemon Sword or Shield is an excellent game to try.

The most recent game mechanics have been well-designed for both versions and DLC updates, adding additional content to the huge game!

In this article, we’ll discuss Toxel Evolution in Pokemon, a tiny purple-colored, lizard-like Pokemon that first appeared during Generation VIII. Toxel is an elongated bulge that resembles lightning bolts on its forehead and is surrounded by four spikes conical on its head. Toxel may transform into Toxtricity after level 30, depending on its Nature.

Toxel stores poison and then releases the poison by way of its skin. By manipulating the composition and chemical structure of the poison, it can produce electricity. Toxel can transmit electric poisons to its skin. While the power generated by this poison is not very strong, it could incapacitate the adversary.

  1. In Pokemon Sward: Toxel stores the poison inside its internal poison sac and then releases this poison via its skin. When you touch the Pokemon, you will feel a strange sensation.
  2. In Pokemon Shield: It alters the chemical makeup to create electricity. The voltage can cause paralysis even though it’s comparably weak.

Let’s now find out the best way to detect Toxel and the Toxel change process to the Amped form and The Low Key form in Toxtricity.

Low Key Form Toxtricity A calm, tranquil Toxel can evolve into the form known as the Low Key.

  • Amped Form Toxtricity Toxel that has an active or more exciting Nature may evolve to become an amplified Toxtricity

Is Toxel a good Pokemon?

Toxel is among the most destructive Pokemon you can find until it gets to the level of 30. At the age of 30, Toxel transforms into the ultimate form, Toxtricity (Low Key or amplified). Toxel requires attention to be taken unless it is at level 30, and after that, its capabilities will no longer be blocked.

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Are low-key or amped Toxtricity more effective?

Toxel Evolution in Pokemon

Toxel’s development is based on his Nature. You will notice the color differences, but the main difference is in their final attack at level 52. They also can discover different hidden abilities.

  • Amped Form is equipped with Venoshock, which makes the Pokemon release venom, similar to Arbok or Seviper, and can double the damage to the poisoned opponent.
  • An Amped Form can acquire a Steel-type attack, which increases Toxtricity’s speed and attack. It’s called Shift Gear.
  • The Secret Ability of Amped Form can be described as Plus. However, it can be Minus in Forms with a low Key Form.
  • This Low Key Form of Toxel obtains Magnetic Flux, an electric-type attack that boosts the defense and the Pokemon defenses in your party. However, it is dependent on the Pokemon’s Minus or Plus ability.
  • The Low-Key Form features an advantage in speed and attack that can be used to support, too.

You can get or catch Toxel in various ways, including Sword and Shield. Finding it and evolving it into the Low Key and Amped form is an abundance of enjoyment. Let’s see the location you can discover Toxel within Sword and Shield.

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Where can I Get Toxel Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Toxel Evolution in Pokemon

Toxel is available in two ways. The easiest method to acquire a Toxel within Pokemon Sword and Shield is visiting the Pokemon Nursery following the defeat of Milo, who is the boss of the grass-based Gym in Tuffield.

In the Pokemon Nursery, speak with the woman to the left facing the Toxel. She will inform you that the Toxel was born recently and will give this to you.

The evolution of the toxel Take Toxel to Pokemon Nursery

Step into the Pokemon Nursery and talk to the lady.

To increase the amount of Toxel to ensure you can get both low-key and amplified forms To get him, you’ll need to locate Toxel within The Galar area’s Wild Area and route 7. The map below shows Toxel’s habitats

Toxel is found in random places On Route 7, while, in the Wild Area, you’ll see the Toxel moving about.

Below, I have included the areas in the Wild Area in which Toxel is seen and what weather conditions must be met.

Wilderness are conditions of the weather

Giant’s Cap Thunder

Bridge Field Sunny, Raining, Thunder

Hammerlock Hills Thunder

Stony Wilderness Thunder

Motostoke Riverbank Thunder

Notice: Toxel isn’t that difficult to acquire or develop. It’s exciting to acquire every Pokemon within the Pokedex because there are numerous ways to accomplish it.

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Toxel Evolution in Pokemon: How Do We Transform Toxel to Toxtricity?

Toxel Evolution in Pokemon

After you’ve obtained the Toxel, it will transform into Toxtricity when you reach level 30. As I mentioned, the transformation of Toxel to an amplified Toxtricity or the Low Key Toxtricity is based on its Nature.

To determine the cause of your Toxel, you must follow these steps:

What can you do to determine the Toxic’s Nature?

1. While the game is running, start the main menu using the button.

2. From the menu, select Pokemon.

3. If Toxel is in your group If he is in your party, hover over him to click Ato to access Toxel to access the Pokemon submenu. Suppose there isn’t one; press R to open your boxes and click on it.

4. Then select Check Summary.

5. Use your joystick to move to the pencil and paper icon. You will be able to see the characteristics of your Toxel and its description.

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Natures required for Toxtricity Form

If you would like your Toxel to evolve to an amplified form, it must have one of these types. Toxel change will trigger the Amped Form of Toxtricity once it has reached the desired amount.

  • Adamant
  • Brave
  • Docile
  • Hardy
  • Hasty
  • Impatient
  • Jolly
  • Lax
  • Naive
  • The naughty
  • Quirky
  • Rash
  • Sassy

If you wish for your Toxel to evolve in its low key form, then the Toxel should possess one of the following characteristics:

  • Bashful
  • Bold
  • Calm
  • Be careful
  • Gentle
  • Lonely
  • Mild
  • Modes
  • Quiet
  • Relaxed
  • Serious
  • Timid

What is the value of Toxtricity to Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Due to its capability to evolve into two different forms, Toxicity is a beneficial Pokemon in your group. Additionally, the poison and electric moves that Toxtricity can learn make it an extremely effective attacker, whether by poisoning or paralyzing the opponent.

Disable other Pokemon can make Toxtricity an ideal option to capture fresh Pokemon within Toxtricity’s Wild Area.

The targeted Pokemon can stop them from attacking you, making it easier to capture them. Therefore, paralyzing the targeted Pokemon increases the chances of being captured!

Toxtricity can not only deal with water-type Pokemon, which makes it an ideal option for the second Gym, but it also has an advantage over grass and fairy-type Pokemon.

Wrapping Up

If you now know how to obtain Toxel and transform it into Troxtricity, you can also add both forms to your team. If growing both is too difficult, at least you know what they are and how they can evolve into which!

Then, you can focus on the ultimate evolution of Toxel Pokemon.

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