How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord in 3 Simple Steps

Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord

You may be wondering why certain Discord users aren’t visible to you or aren’t accessible after having a previous chat with them. Internet issues aside, you might be blocked by them some time or an additional. When you’re blocked, it’s impossible to connect to them with the account.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord is pretty simple, as you can use one of several methods. Unfortunately, you cannot do much about it since the person has chosen not to interact with you. Read on to learn the details of how this process works.

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How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Discord

Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord

The most efficient way to determine whether someone has blocked you can be to contact them via email. If you can send them an email, they’ve not blocked you, and there’s an air relief.

You’ll notice instantly that you’re blocked by the time you open the chat history with that person. Clyde, the official Discord bot, will give you the error messages. It will say that your message could not be delivered because of one of the following reasons:

  • Servers aren’t shared with the person who is receiving them.
  • You’ve disabled direct messages via the servers you’re both on.
  • The recipient can only accept messages from friends.

Clyde will also provide an online list of reasons you cannot send messages. But he will not tell you why that prevents you from sending an email to the person.

However, if you had a recent conversation with this person, and you are now unable to make any contact with them, you’ve likely been blocked at the time.

Another method to determine whether you have added the person as a friend is by checking your friend’s list. If they’ve disappeared from your list, this is another indicator that they might have blocked you.

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How to Check if Someone Blocked You on Discord Without Messaging Them

Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord

There’s a way to find out whether someone has blocked you. It’s unnecessary to type out a long, rambling message only to discover that it wasn’t worth it. On Discord, emotes are everywhere that help us with our small tricks.

If you believe you’ve been blocked, try responding to one of their posts on the same server. The emoticon will be displayed even if they’ve not blocked you. If you’re using a PC, the screen will be agitated.

An evident signal can identify mobile users. They’ll be alerted with “Reaction Blocked” on it. That’s when you’ll realize that someone has blocked you.

Another method is knowing if someone has blocked you without sending them an email. It does require sending them something different. The next time you’ll send them an invitation to become friends instead.

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Here’s the way to go:

  1. Click home on Discord and then go to the Friends menu.
  2. From here, click Add Friends. From here, choose Add.
  3. Input the person’s username and Discord tag, then select “Send Friend Request.”
  4. If you’ve been blocked, you won’t be able to go through.

This is another sure-fire way to verify. If you’re certain that the person has a server with you, you can look up your profile and select “Add Friend.” This is a less complicated method.

Check if Discord Reactions block you from Messages.

Tell If Someone Blocked You On Discord

With Discord’s design, you can use their messages to figure out the extent to which a person blocks you.

  1. Start Discord and then open and send a message to the person you suspect of blocking you.
  2. Now, respond to their message and check whether it is visible. If it does, and they do not block you—good luck in the other case.

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What Can I Do if Someone Blocks Me?

In truth, there’s no way to fix it since your existing account can’t connect with the other users. You can create a fresh Discord account and reach them; however, you’re out of luck if they do not accept messages from people who aren’t friends.

The best option is likely to be to ask acquaintances to assist. Friends who aren’t blocked as of yet may reach out to the other party and assist in mediation.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Discord?

If you block someone on Discord and you are blocked, you cannot receive their messages. You may observe “1 Blocked Message” occasionally show up if you have a server in common. It’s a clear reminder that you’ve blocked the individual.
You may decide to reveal the contents of the message if you’re intrigued enough. Or, you could continue ahead with checking out channels.

Why Doesn’t Discord Tell Me if I’m Blocked?

Discord utilizes the “no evidence and no alertness” policy regarding the blockage of other members. The policy is meant to keep users from learning about it and making a big fuss. If you don’t want to learn that someone blocked you, there’s no way to find who blocked you.

Why Can’t I Reach Them?

Discord isn’t updating the “no alertness and no evidence” policy anytime shortly. So, these techniques for discovering if you’ve been blocked will be around for the foreseeable future. Understanding one of these tips can help you determine whether someone isn’t willing to discuss it with you.
Does Discord block you? How many people have been blocked? Tell us in the comment section below.

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