How to Stream Hulu on Discord without a Black Screen | Easy Steps

Stream Hulu on Discord

Netflix is the leader in the streaming market online, but Hulu is home to some of the top films and TV shows that can make you rethink your choice before signing up for your Netflix subscription.

Discord is one of the top chatting apps for Gamers; however it is a massive hit because it allows streaming of whatever you want, there’s the option to play Netflix in Discord and have movie nights with your friends.

I’ll show you ways you can stream Hulu on Discord without having a black screen step-by-step. This is the easiest way to stream Hulu via Discord.

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How to Stream Hulu on Discord

Stream Hulu on Discord

The steps can be followed using the Discord web application and the Windows application. For this guide, I’m using the Discord app. I recommend the app since it is packed with more features and superior control.

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How to stream Hulu on Discord

#1. Open Edge, Firefox, Chrome browser, or the Hulu application.

# 2. Now Open Discord and connect to a server on which you can allow sharing of your display with other users.

#3. Click the Settings icon located in the lower-left corner.

#4. Now select Game Activity from the menu left.

Stream Hulu on Discord

#5. Click on Add it above. Then, select the browser window to which Hulu is signed in or select the Hulu application in the drop-down menu. Then click the Add Game button.

#6. Exit the Settings menu and click the Screen button located in the lower-left.

#7. Now select the application (or browser) you wish to stream with other users.

#8. Choose your preferred streaming settings. If you choose anything greater than 30 FPS and 720p resolution, you require the use of a Discord Nitro account.

#9. Now select Go Live to start streaming.

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Stream Hulu on Discord

On this screen, you’ll see the preview window with the Hulu stream. Start the TV or movie program, and you’ll see it appearing in the tiny preview, but it might be unable to continue if you move away to save resources on your system.

Double-click on it to see a bigger overview of your stream and your webcam if streaming your video in the chat.

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