How to Start The Festival Elden Ring

How to Start The Festival Elden Ring

Elden Ring has plenty of intriguing and challenging bosses players must take on throughout their journey. One of them can be Starscourge Radahn. The demigod is a formidable foe that is equipped with a range of and melee attack options that can cause massive damage to your opponent during battle.

Before you can be the boss you’ll need to begin setting with this Radahn Festival. This isn’t easy, but If you know where to look it is easy to do.

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How to Start The Radahn Festival in Elden Ring?

Beginning with the Radahn celebration isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems. Before you begin the festivities and begin to take to Radahn you’ll need to turn on your Grand Lift of Dectus.

The Grand Lift of Dectus is located quite a distance away of Redmane Castle, in the northern part of Liunia of the Lakes. To open this lift, you’ll need both sides the Dectus Medallion. The left side is located in a chest on to the stairs in Fort Faroth, which can be found in Caelid.

Returning to Limgrave in Limgrave, you’ll be able to find the left-hand portion of the medallion located in Fort Height on the east of Mistwood. Once you’ve completed activating The Grand Lift of Dectus it is recommended to go back toward Redmane Castle, which can be reached through the Teleporters located in the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace.

After that, go into the castle and come to see NPC soldiers within the courtyard. Follow the staircase and converse with the soldier who is looking out at the courtyard.

In this dialog you are able to start the Radahn festival and walk into the church, up the lift , and face God the Demigod his self, then then continue the Elden Ring story.

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