How To Split Screen On Zoom | Easy Ways

Split Screen On Zoom

Want to use another app simultaneously alongside attending a meeting on Zoom? Then, you would want to know how to split screen on Zoom. Don’t know how to? Let us teach you how to split screen in Zoom app. 

Zoom is one of the most common and most popular platforms for attending web conferences. The app is available for desktop users as well as mobile phone, both for Android and iOS. Convenient to use, most people prefer the Zoom app to attend meetings or take online classes. 

To split screen on Zoom, you will have to click and hold the maximize/minimize button and then click either arrow to shift it to one half of the screen, then you can open another app and use it on the other half of your screen. 

To know in detail how you can split screen on your Zoom app both on your desktop and your mobile phones, you will need to go through this article and you will find out the procedure. Keep reading to get your answers. 

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How To Split Screen On Zoom?

Split Screen On Zoom

If you want to split screen on Zoom and use another app or window on the other half of the screen of your device, you can do this easily. However, the steps are different in the case of smartphones and desktop. But don’t worry, we will cover them both so that you cansplit screen on Zoom no matter which device you are using your Zoom app on. 

How To Split Screen On Zoom Desktop App?

If you are attending a meeting on Zoom on your desktop, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below if you want to split screen on Zoom.

1. While the Zoom app is in playing, click on the Maximize/Minimize button at the top right of the window. This will reduce the window size of your Zoom app. 

2. As the Zoom window is out of full screen, when you will hover the pointer over the sides of the window, you will see the arrows that are provided to alter the dimensions of the window. 

3. Click on an arrow on either side and hold down on your mouse or the touchpad. Now keep dragging it to about how big you want the Zoom screen to be. 

4. Since you want to use Zoom in split screen, drag the arrow till your Zoom app covers only half the portion of your screen and then release hold of it. 

5. Move the window to either side of the screen with the other half of the screen remaining vacant. 

6. Now open the other window that you want in split screen along with Zoom running along with it. 

7. Tap on the Maximize/Minimize button and drag this window also the same way to cover the other half of the screen and then release the hold of the arrow. 

As you follow these steps properly, you will be able to use Zoom in the split screen of your desktop. 

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How To Split Screen On Zoom In Chromebook?

Split Screen On Zoom

In case you are using Chromebook and want to split screen on Zoom in your Chromebook, the process is a bit smooth and easier. Here are the steps that you can follow to split screen on Zoom in Chromebook. 

1. Place the pointer of your mouse on the square icon present in the top tab of your Zoom window. 

2. Two arrows will appear on each side, click on the arrow in the direction in which you want to place your Zoom app in the split screen. 

3. On this, the Zoom window will shift to one half of the screen. Now, open the other app you want to run simultaneously with Zoom. 

4. Again, place the pointer on the square icon and now click on the arrow of the other direction as before. The second window will shift to the other half of your Chromebook’s screen. 

Now, the two apps are placed in the split screens and you can keep attending your meeting on Zoom along with doing some other work on the other window in the other half of the screen. 

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How To Split Screen On Zoom Mobile App?

Split Screen On Zoom

If you are attending a meeting on your Zoom mobile phone application and want to split screen on Zoom, here are the simple steps that you will have to follow. 

1. Open Zoom as well as the other app that you want in the split screen. 

2. Keeping one of the apps in the background, tap on the icon with three horizontal lines at the bottom left of your phone’s screen. 

3. As the app will minimize into a window, tap and hold the icon of one of the apps. 

4. Now tap on the “open in split screen view” option. 

5. Now tap on the minimized window of the second app and it will be added to the split screen mode on your device. 

So, now, one half of your phone’s screen will be covering your Zoom application while the other will have any other supported application that you want to use while the Zoom meeting is on the go. 

Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know about how to split screen in Zoom. Share this with your friends who also have to attend Zoom meetings and want to keep the Zoom window in the split screen so as to keep working with something else at the same time. For any queries regarding splitting the screen on Zoom, you may tell us in the comments. 

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