How To Split Screen On Pixel

How To Split Screen On Pixel

Got a new Pixel phone? are you wondering the same question “Can you split my screen of Pixel?”? Don’t worry, we will solve this problem for you and let you know how to split screen on Pixel. 

Pixel is a new range of smartphones introduced by Google. These are the pure Android versions of smartphones that have been developed by Google and are being loved by the users who have access to Pixel phones. 

To split screen on pixel 6 or split screen on pixel 3, open the two apps, keeping one in the background. Press and hold the home button and select the app for the bottom half screen. 

To understand in detail how do you split screen on Pixel, continue reading this article and your doubts will be cleared completely. 

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How To Split Screen On Pixel?

Can you split screen of your Pixel phone? Of course, you can. Now you might be thinking, about how to split screen on Pixel 4, or how to split screen on Google Pixel 3. Let us tell you that the process to split screen on all Pixel devices is the same. Here is how you can split screen on your Pixel device. 

1. Decide which two applications you want to add to the split screen on your Pixel. Open both the apps one by one. 

2. Keeping one of the applications in the background, and the other currently opened, press and hold the Home button that has the square icon. 

3. Now select the app that you want to be displayed in the bottom half of the screen. 

4. The other app will be displayed in the top half of the screen. 

As you have followed these steps successfully the two selected applications will be displayed on the screen simultaneously and you can access both of them at the same time without having to switch from one application to the other on your Pixel.

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How To Split Screen On Pixel 2 Or Pixel 2016?

<strong>How To Split Screen On Pixel</strong>

If you have an older version of Pixel, that is, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2016, then here are the steps that you might have to go through if you want to use a split screen on Pixel. 

1. Swipe up from the bottom to the top of the screen of your Pixel device. 

2. Now open one of the applications you want on your phone’s half window. 

3. Again, from the bottom of the screen, swipe up and hold, and then let go. 

4. Now, you will see the icon of the app on your screen, touch and hold it. 

5. Tap on the “Split Screen” option that will appear there. 

6. You will see the screen of your Pixel phone is divided into two equal halves, with an app in one half, while the other half is still vacant. 

7. Now tap the other app you want to use simultaneously on the split screen, it will open. 

As these steps are properly followed, you will be able to use the split screen on your Pixel 2 phone. 

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How To Remove Split Screen On Pixel?

<strong>How To Split Screen On Pixel</strong>

After you are done with your work with the split screen windows on your Pixel phone, you would now want to return back to its original display by exiting out of the split screen window. Here is what you exactly have to do if you want to remove the split screen on your Pixel phone. 

You will have to press and hold the button with two horizontal lines present at the bottom of the screen. Just as you do this, Pixel will exit you out of the split screen window. 

If you only want to switch the app and not exit the split screen, you just have to press once the horizontal lines button without holding it. Then you can switch between the apps. 

How To Turn Off Picture-In-Picture on Pixel?

<strong>How To Split Screen On Pixel</strong>

If you have the picture-in-picture mode opened on your Pixel and now want to turn it off, here are the steps that you will have to follow for this. 

1. Open the settings app on your Pixel device. 

2. Tap on the “Apps & Notifications” menu. 

3. Now tap on the “Advanced” settings. 

4. Select the “Special app access” option.

5. Now tap on the app for which you want to turn off the picture in picture mode. 

6. Here you can turn off the “Allow picture in picture” option. 

Wrapping Up

This was all you needed to know about how to split screen on your Pixel device. You can use the feature and work simultaneously on two applications on your Pixel phone without facing the trouble of switching from one app to the other. 

If you are still facing any issues in using the split screen feature on your Google Pixel phone, feel free to tell us in the comments section below so that we can help you out with it. 

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