How to Set Custom Discord Status | Easy Ways

Set Custom Discord Status

These helpful tips and tricks will help you solve the question of How to set custom discord status. To help you find the best solution, we have listed all relevant questions.

Can you Create Custom Status in Discord Mobile

How to Set Custom Discord Status | Easy Ways

You can set a custom status using the discord mobile app for your Android or iPhone. Phone. Select your profile picture in the app’s bottom right.

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How Can You Set Custom Discord Status in 2022?

To get started, we first need to open discord. The discord app on your computer will open. Next, you can go down to select the gear right next to your username.

How can you add a GIF to Discord status?

How to Set Custom Discord Status | Easy Ways

You can simply find the GIF you want on a website like GIPHY, and then either copy and paste the link to a text channel, or save it to your computer. You can upload your GIF to Discord by clicking the + button in the chatbox and then clicking “Upload File”.

Discord says I’m online, but I’m not.

Discord automatically adjusts the Idle status if you aren’t active for a while. You can manually set it however. You can manually change the idle status for an indefinite time, but the auto-idle status will disappear when you return to Discord.

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How can you fake Discord status?

Click the drop-down and choose which program you will use to create this fake name. Hit add a game. It will appear next to the playing.

How can you make Discord say that you are playing something in 2022?

How to Set Custom Discord Status | Easy Ways

Click on the gear icon in the lower left corner and then click on the settings. Scroll down until you see Activity Status. You can also activate your activity.


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