How to Separate Discord Audio From System & Desktop Audio OBS | 3 Easy Ways

Separate Discord Audio

These helpful tips and tricks will help you to solve the question How to Separate Discord Audio from your desktop audio obs. To help you find the best solution, we have listed all related questions.

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Is It Possible to Separate Discord Audio From OBS

Through the OBS Studio Audio Mixer

The slider should be located below the audio source. This is where you can adjust the volume. Move the slider to the extreme right to mut Discord audio on OBS.

Can you Separate Audio in OBS?

How to Separate Discord Audio From System & Desktop Audio OBS | 3 Easy Ways

OBS Studio can record up to six audio tracks. Streaming uses track 1. This is the track where all audio sources are combined and sent out to the stream. Track 1 can be used to record only the microphone.

How Can I Separate Discord Audio From My desktop?

Voicemeeter is a great tool. Virtual audio channels allow us to distinguish sounds from different software.

How Can I Split Audio From Discord Streams?

You can also add audio sources to nested scenes as sources. Click the plus icon to search for scene. Then, we will add our existing nested audio source scene.


Is Streamer Mode Capable of Muting Discord?

Disable Sounds This will disable any sounds that come from Discord (channel join, notification sound sounds, desktop sounds too).

How Can I Isolate Audio From OBS?

How to Separate Discord Audio From System & Desktop Audio OBS | 3 Easy Ways

The description also contains a link to the plugin. You can also download it. You can download it by clicking the button below.

How can I use OBS with Discord

Open Discord and enter a channel. Select OBS VirtualCam to be your main webcam. Get started with your stream

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How Can I Split Audio Tracks Within OBS 2022

Go to output. Go to recording. You’ll want to ensure that you are in advanced output mode. This will allow you to choose the tracks.

How can you split audio?

Open the file using wavepad. Go to the Edit tab. The third button on your toolbar is split tool.

How can I seperate audio sources in Streamlabs OBS

How to Separate Discord Audio From System & Desktop Audio OBS | 3 Easy Ways

Click on Output in the settings menu. Change the mode from Simple or Advanced and then click on Recording. You can record up to six audio tracks under the Recording tab.

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How can I listen to Discord and game audio?

This step will disable the option in Windows sound settings as well as Discord’s Settings.

  1. Right-Click the Volume Button at the bottom Right-Hand Side of the Taskbar.
  2. Select the “Sounds” button.

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