How to Send Spam Text Messages in 2 Easy Steps!

Send Spam Text Messages

Do you want to fool Someone? Get your friends to play pranks for free by sending Spam Shortcuts for Text Messages. The shortcut app that is accessible on iPhone and comes with IOS 12 is the perfect method to fool your acquaintances.

The time of messages via text message has long passed. But, we do make use of it occasionally for work. Spam messages are text messages that are not wanted that are distributed in large numbers However, they can be handled via texts or calls, emails, as well as social media.

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To Send Spam Text Messages, Shortcuts open the Shortcut app on your iPhone and then add a the new Shortcut. Then, search again, enter the number and message. After that, add the phone number , and then type the message. Finally, unclick to Show and Run and select the time you wish to send a message. It’s done!

Are you being overlooked or want to be noticed? Spam Text messages Shortcut is ideal for you. Send your friends with a plethora of text messages for free. Text messages that are spammy texts are also an issue for you since frequently, they are laden with viruses also. However, if you are aware of the person who will receive it, you are able to troll your friend. Check out this article to find out simple steps to send Spam text messages Cut-off.

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How to send Spam Text Messages with Shortcuts?

To send Spam Text SMS Shortcut Open Shortcut on your iPhone

New Shortcut Search Repeat > Repeat Enter the number, then Messages Add the number. Type the message, then unclick Show and Run. Then, select the dates you would like to send text messages > Click the blue Play button

Step 1. Open the Shortcut in your iPhone

Step 2.Open an entirely new shortcut

Step 3. Scroll down to search Bar

Step 4.Search Repeat

Step 5: Replay the Step

Step 6. Enter the code you’d like like the number of messages you wish to send

Step 7. Search Bar on Down Side. Search Bar on the Down Side

Step 8: Search for Messages

Step 9 in the recipients box, add the phone number you’d like to use for sending spam messages

Step 10. Write the content in the section Message

Step 11: Unclick on Show and Run

Step 12: Drag to Repeat

Step 13 Pick the dates you’d like to transmit text

Step 14 Step 14: Click the blue play button underneath the shortcut with no name.

Step 15. The messages will begin to send

Step 16 Open Messages in Your iPhone

Step 17: You can see that the sending of Messages has begun

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To Sum Up

The Send Spam SMS Text Messages With Shortcut, a free application that is available for all iPhones You don’t need an third-party application in order to transmit Spam Texts. You can opt out of sending Spam Texts using your shortcut application only. Please let us know in the comments below if you have used shortcut app and what you thought of your experience?

Q. How do you send a message to your friends? Shortcuts?

To create spam shortcuts to send messages, search shortcuts on your phone , then create a new shortcut. Then, search repeat , and then click repeat. Enter the number of times you wish to make messages available, and then enter the number of the recipient, and compose the message. The message will begin to be sent.

Q. How do I send a Spam Text?

To send a text message to a friend, first select a phone number you’d like to send out and type in a random text and then click send.

Q. How Can You Create A Spam Text Shortcut With iPhone?

To send a message that is spam via iPhone navigate to this shortcut application, then tap on the three dots, then scroll down until you are able to see the text. Add the text you wish to send, and then select the amount of times you’d like to send the message.

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