How To Send Photos on Tinder? Easy Steps | Updated 2022

How To Send Photos on Tinder

Are you one of the users who’ve thought about How To Send Photos on Tinder?

However… you can’t. The simple answer is no. You aren’t able to send photos via Tinder (even when you’ve Tinder Gold).

However, all is not for nought… There are plenty of other inventive ways to send messages via pictures that I’ve come up with.

Let’s jump right in and discuss how to share photos on Tinder.

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How To Send Photos on Tinder

How To Send Photos Links to your Tinder matches

How To Send Photos on Tinder? Easy Steps | Updated 2022

This is a straightforward step-by-step guide that will allow you to upload pictures of your gallery from your mobile to friends on Tinder (using )

  1. Snap a picture or save any image to the camera roll of your phone.
  2. Open your web browser (either Safari, Chrome, or whatever one you choose).
  3. Visit on your phone’s web browser.
  4. After the website has opened, there will be an orange box that reads “Browse images”. Click it.
  5. Choose “Photo Library” from the pop-up menu which appears.
  6. Within your photos library, choose the photo you would like to share.
  7. The website will create an image link.
  8. Check the link and verify that the image is the one you’re looking to forward.
  9. Copy the link.
  10. Launch Your Tinder dating app and go to the chat account to whom you would like to send your photo.
  11. Copy the URL into the chatbox and click send.

Simple. As. That.

This is an easy and secure method to send photos to Tinder.

You can also create links to your photos on Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram or iCloud, as well as other networks and immediately share them with Tinder matches.

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How Do You Upload Pictures to your Tinder profile only for One User To View?

How To Send Photos on Tinder? Easy Steps | Updated 2022

You might not be aware of this… however, it is easy to upload a picture on your Tinder profile for only one person to view.

This is… kind of a compromise. However, it’s a good one.

Just click “Add Media” on your profile.

However, it could be risky because anyone looking over your Tinder profile may be able to spot it.

Therefore, you must be smart (and take the time to delete it).

The ideal moment for this to take place is when you are engaging in a conversation with the person you would like to share your photo.

Simply upload the photo onto your Tinder profile and then let them know via a message similar to…

“Check out the latest photo of my page. I’ve uploaded it. I hope that nobody else will see it until I remove it.”

It is likely that they will be the only ones who will be able to view it.

If you are aware that someone has read it, make sure to delete the file as soon as you can.

It’s a little risky, but not avoiding risk isn’t a way to live, is it?

This can be a fantastic opportunity to add some laughter as well as excitement into your conversations.

It also gives you an inside joke that you can make fun of.

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How To Send GIFs As Well As Bitmojis on Tinder

How To Send Photos on Tinder? Easy Steps | Updated 2022

GIFs and Bitmojis can be another enjoyable method to add some spice to your Tinder messages.

The best part is that Tinder lets you send messages as easy as sending regular messages.

They are able to instantly inject fun and laughter into any conversation.

GIFs and Bitmojis may also help to reduce awkwardness and prevent you from appearing uninteresting or tense.

Furthermore, they provide your prospective partner with a glimpse of your personality and style of humour, particularly in the event that you’ve had a difficult time getting matches with Tinder.

Who knows if your next romantic relationship might be sparked by a sharing of a sense of laughter (via GIFs and Bitmojis).

Sending GIFs GIF on Tinder

Making GIFs for your games is easy.

All you require is the most recent version of the Tinder application.

When you’ve found a match and then start your chat… you’ll be able to access the GIF option in the lower left part of your chat screen.

To send GIFs, to send a GIF (as you would think), just click to select the GIF option.

A window will open where you can choose the correct GIF currently.

You can also search for GIFs in case there is already the ideal one in your mind.

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Sending A Bitmoji On Tinder

Tinder added Snapchat’s Bitmojis to its app recently to allow users to utilize this fun feature within their messages.

The only thing that you have to do is follow these steps to link the Snapchat account to your dating app. Snapchat accounts to dating apps:

  1. Tinder is Open Tinder
  2. Chat in a chat window with the one you consider to be your potential matches
  3. Choose the “green” Bitmoji option from the chat window.
  4. A pop-up window will ask you to “Connect to Snapchat.”
  5. Make sure to enter your username and email to Snapchat, and you’re done.

And don’t fret… Tinder won’t reveal your Snapchat URL or handle to your friends.

To display it to your potential matches, go to settings, and then connect to it from there.

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