How to See Your Snapchat Wrapped – View Your Year-End Story

Snapchat Wrapped

It’s the last day of the year, and that means it’s time for all your top social media platforms to give you their wrap-up of the year. Spotify’s wrap feature is an absolute favourite for many and has prompted other websites like TikTokApple Music, and Twitch to make variants of themselves.

Naturally, Snapchat was also needed to get on board with the trend by incorporating photos and videos you’ve saved over the year to create its own 2021 wrap. Here’s how you can view your personal Snapchat Year-end highlight videos.

Here’s how to see your Snapchat wrapped. You can access your Year End Story right in the app.

The Year-End Story features some of your most memorable moments from the past year, selected by Snapchat. It comprises various pictures and videos you uploaded through Snapchat (specifically those you saved to Snapchat’s Memories).

To view your Year-End Story, you need to open the Memories tab. This is accessible by clicking on the camera tab or by clicking the image icon right next to the button for recording in the tab for cameras.

Your Year-End story should appear on the top of your Memories tab. The feature went live around 1 p.m. local time in December. 14th, and if you’ve not been able to view yours, please refresh the application. From this page, you’ll be able to view Snapchat’s collection of memories, including funny moments, night-time snaps and pictures of your pets.

If you’ve updated your Snapchat app but you’re still not seeing your Year-End Story, it’s possible that you didn’t save enough photos during the entire year. The only way to correct this is to utilize Snapchat more frequently in the next year to ensure you have enough memories to play it back for you.

Unfortunately, after watching the entire story, it’ll only be accessible all day. Like everything on Snapchat, it will be gone entirely afterwards, So if you enjoyed every moment in the Year-End Story, be sure to save the videos.

People are sharing the cringiest parts of their Snapchat Wrapped online.

Although the music you’ve got on your Spotify Wrapped may be something you’d like to show your pals on social media (if you weren’t among those who listened to Bo Burnham’s “Inside” on repeat), Many people’s Snapchat wrapped content was not.

Naturally, the majority of Year-End Stories are created using an algorithm, which means that many of the pictures in their stories do not align with the instructions.

Many people have shared a few of their best moments online. However, instead of displaying your most memorable moments, Snapchat’s archives are full of people’s worst moments.

Many “early morning” images shared online include students crying over their papers that they’ve not finished or people returning from the bars, while others are joking about the fact that their feeds were filled with inappropriate photos.

If you’re a frequent user of Snapchat and Instagram, perhaps your year-end story will be filled with memories that you can look back at. For others, it could be nothing more than a collection of out-of-context photos and less-than-perfect instances.

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