How to See Who Liked You on Tinder Without Gold

People have a tendency to turn to the internet in the digital age. This generation of adults does not like the idea or random encounters with people, nor do they enjoy the idea of arranged marriages.

Instead of looking for someone to date, they want a place that allows them to do so easily. Online dating apps have made it easy to find each other digitally.

There are many dating apps out there today such as Hinge or OkCupid, or Grindr. Many of these apps can even be free. But, is it any wonder that a large number of singles still prefer Tinder over other dating apps? Tinder is the oldest and most likely to offer more options.

That’s not all. There are many exciting new features that Tinder offers every now and again to make it more fun for users. You might be a Tinder member who is curious about the Like You function and would like to find out more about how it works on the platform. We’ve got your back! This blog will explain everything you need know about Tinder See What Likes You.

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How to See Who Liked You on Tinder Without Gold

What is the “See Who Likes You?” Tinder feature?

Before we show you how to see who liked you profile on Tinder. Do you want to know how this works exactly? We’re sure you are, as this is what this section will discuss.

So this is how Tinder works. It shows random profiles that you can swipe left or to the right depending on your liking. After you swipe right on a profile and click the “Next” button, you wait to see if you get matched.

The See Who Likes You function adds an interesting spin to the entire game. You can view the profiles of those who liked yours before you have a chance to swipe them. So how can this help you find a date more quickly? It’s very simple. If they like your profile, that’s a clear indicator that they’d be willing to match with you.

To find out if they are your type, simply right-swipe them and you will be matched. You don’t have to worry about being swiped away because you didn’t know what the person might think. You can see their name in our Who Liked You list and you can be certain it will lead to a match.

Wasn’t it hard? Great. Let’s get to the point.

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Is it Possible to See Who Likes You on Tinder Without Gold?

Without Tinder Gold membership, there’s no way to see who liked your Tinder profile. Tinder Gold members have access to the See Who Likes You option. Tinder could also claim that this is another tactic to get its free users to sign up for paid Tinder Gold memberships.

However, if that’s impossible, then why do so many articles or videos tell you it? Relax, we’ll tell it all. Some clever coders managed to discover an error in Tinder’s system that allowed them access to the See Who Likes You feature with little tweaking.

You will still be able action the See Who Likes You Section even if your account is free. But, Tinder will not blur any of your profile pictures. There was an undiscovered loophole in the system that allowed users the ability to deblur their pictures with a little help.

However, the Tinder Team immediately fixed the loophole as soon as they discovered it. It is now impossible to find a way to purchase a Gold membership for Tinder to see who liked it no matter how many YouTube videos you find.

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How to Find Tinder Users Who Like You

Assuming you already have Tinder Gold, you can follow these simple steps to see who liked you Tinder profile.

  •  Open Tinder App on your Smartphone.  
  •  To open the messaging tab tap on the message icon  
  •  The new matches section can be found just above the messages section. It contains your profiles for all of your most recent matches.  
  •  Do you notice that the first profile in this set has a circular golden circle around it. Below this profile you will see the words “x+likes” written. This is where you can indicate how many likes your profile has received.  
  •  You will be taken to a See Who Likes You webpage when you click on this golden profile. You’ll see all the profiles of potential prospects that have liked your profile. You may also swipe right if it is.  

You should also remember that even if your swiped left on someone else’s profile, they will still have your name on their list. Wondering why? Maybe it’s Tinder’s way to make you reconsider your opinion about them.

What do you even need to see who likes me Feature?

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. A monthly Tinder Gold membership is not going to do your wallet any favors. Before you commit to spending the substantial amount of money to get it, let’s take a look at whether it could benefit your love life.

First of all, you can only use the See Who Likes You feature if you live near a large number of Tinder users. If you live in smaller cities or towns where Tinder might not be used, the Gold membership is a waste.

You can upgrade to Tinder Gold if you’re a beautiful girl fed up with Tinder’s swipe game. You will immediately be able to access the See Who Likes You listing to find someone that interests you and then connect with them.

The See Who Likes You feature won’t work for you if your profile is average. This takes out the fun from the swipe process. It’s possible to continue using Tinder regular if that seems reasonable.

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Is switching to another dating app a better option?

Are all the Tinder Gold temptations getting to you? Are you looking to switch to another dating app. We aren’t here to tell you to quit, but to let you know that you will always find a feature that only paid members can access, no matter what dating app you choose.

Tinder allows you to make a significant investment in your relationship prospects. Tinder’s free app is more likely to help people find partners than other apps, even if they don’t charge for it. Because these apps are newer and less trusted by customers, it is likely that they will be more successful. This means that Tinder will be more popular than other dating apps for finding your ideal partner.

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