How to See Invisible Enemies Using the Sentry Torch in Elden Ring

How to See Invisible Enemies Using the Sentry Torch in Elden Ring

Sentry Torch Sentry Torch is a unique weapon found in Elden Ring that can be utilized to spot invisible enemies.

Invisible enemies can be extremely frustrating. There are a variety of tough enemies and items within Elden Ring, and the Sentry Torch can make short, tough work of these difficulties. This is how you can get it and the most effective way to utilize it.

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Where can I find Elden Ring’s Sentry Torch in Elden Ring?

The Sentry Torch can be purchased at the Hermit Merchant’s Shack in Leyndell, located near the entrance to the northwestern side just past the first wall. It is available for purchase through the Merchant named in the title for 7700 runes.

It’s an excellent purchase for players who want to discover hidden treasures in the late game and make combat more enjoyable. It will aid in finding hidden Treasure Scarabs who wheel around Ashes of War and other reward points and invisible enemies such as Black Knife Assassins.

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A variety of Black Knife Assassins are not visible all over the world. One of the ones fans will most likely encounter is in Ordina, Liturgical Town. To remove the seal on a high point in the town, citizens must enter an evergaol. At this point, you’ll be attacked by an invisible black Knife Assassin. Sentry Torch Sentry Torch will help make the fight more manageable. It also can uncover hidden loot items, such as the strong Seppuku Ash of War inside the Consecrated Snowfield.

It’s not the only valuable torch item found in Elden Ring either, with the Beast-Repellent Torch making it difficult for canines, birds, and other wild creatures to the point of death by its torch’s flames. It can be purchased in the isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow for only 1200 runes. Another one, St. Trina’s Torch, can be utilized to put enemies unconscious, which allows them to be opened to massive damage.

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