How to See Full Size Instagram Photos and Profile Pictures on Android, iPhone, Mac or PC  

How to See Full Size Instagram Photos and Profile Pictures on Android, iPhone, Mac or PC  

To see full-size Instagram photos:

  1. Sign into Instagram using a browser.
  2. Go to the user’s profile, and then click on the image you want to see in its full size. The address bar will add the word media/?size=l at the beginning of your URL.
  3. Enter to view the picture.
  4. Enter to view the image in its full size.

Have you noticed that images posted to Instagram’s feed Instagram feed aren’t shown in their original size? Instagram displays them in low resolution. The same happens with the Instagram profile picture.

The photos you see in your news feed or on someone else’s profile are altered in size. If you’d like to circumvent these limitations, check out our blog post on how to see photos in full-size Instagram pictures and Instagram profiles.

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Check out the full-size Instagram Post Photos.

Here’s how you can view Instagram posts in full-size

  1. Visit the Instagram website from any web browser    
  2. Start Instagram via your browser. The method will not work with the application.
  3. Log in to the Instagram account you have created. Instagram account.
  4. This is a vital step; you won’t be able to view photos in large sizes without this. 
  5. Visit your profile on the user whose photos you wish to view.
  6. Be aware that you aren’t in a position to click on a photo within the feed. 
  7. Click on the image you want to view. 
  8. Add the medias/?size=lto the URL.    
  9. For instance, if the original URL is: “”
  10. Then it will change to “
  11. Press Enter    
  12. You will then be taken to the larger size version of this image.  

You can save the image in its full size by clicking on it and selecting Save Image.

Note that this function applies just to the primary photo within the article. When an Instagram post contains more than one picture, however, you will not be able to view any additional pictures in a high resolution other than the first.

Step-by-Step video

You can also view our tutorial video on how to view and download the Instagram image in its original size of the image:

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View Thumbnail and Medium Size Versions of Instagram Image

In addition, you can also see the larger as well as the thumbnail version of the image.

To see the ThumbnailThumbnail or medium version of the Instagram image, make use of these additional words to the right of the URL

  •       media/?size=m
  •       media/?size=t

Here M is to mean Medium, and T is to mean Thumbnail.

Check Instagram’s profile picture in Full Size on Android.

It is impossible to view a profile photo in its entirety on Instagram. It’s only a circle-cropped version.

But, if you follow our instructions, you’ll be able to complete it and download large-sized Instagram profile photos, if required. Unfortunately, this method works just with Android but not for iOS.

  1. Install your Qeek to use the Instagram application.
  2. In the application, enter your username for the user whose Instagram profile photos you want to view.
  3. In the drop-down menu, Select the person you wish to be. 
  4. Tap on the profile photo or tap Full-screen.
  5. This will display the profile image in high-resolution.
  6. If you need zooming, increase the profile’s picture by as much as 800%.

The app doesn’t offer a built-in download feature to save the images. But you can view the profile image in full-size and take a photo.

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Wrap Up

You’ve learned how to download and view Instagram images in full size, the dimension at which photos were originally uploaded on the site.

Please share it with your friends and assist users in seeing the original photographs. If you have any issues you’re having trouble with, let us know in the comments section below!

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