How To See Deleted Messages on Discord in 2 Easy Steps

See Deleted Messages on Discord?

Gamers from all over the globe use Discord to share messages and audio, images, and video. Although most Discord users are relaxed and friendly, some find it hilarious to send incendiary, hurtful or even infuriating messages to other players. In this sense, Discord is no different from any other part of the internet.

Discord lets its users make complaints about abusive behaviour. However, they have to give specifics of the conversation that is at issue.

However, people involved in abusive behaviour typically delete their messages in just minutes or even seconds, which prevents users from taking a picture. Many Discord users are asking whether there’s an alternative to retrieve deleted messages posted on the platform.

This article will provide the answer to the question How To See Deleted Messages on Discord and also explain how to handle bullying on Discord?

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Can You See Deleted Messages on Discord?

See Deleted Messages on Discord?

However, once the message is removed by the person who sent it, there’s no official method to recover it. Discord’s engineers confirmed this at the beginning of 2018 via the official Twitter page.

One reason is that the storage of deleted messages is contrary to the platform’s terms and would violate the privacy of its users. In addition, the way the platform is designed in a similar way to the traditional Internet Relay Chat (IRC) does not allow the owners access to private messages. Thus, as soon as users delete any message, the message will be deleted immediately off Discord’s servers.

Discord can indeed be very flexible with Bots, and we’ll go over the Bots in a minute. First, let’s look at what you can do inside the native Discord application to manage unwanted users.

How to Report Online Harassment on Discord

If, for any reason, the message you’re looking for isn’t gone, you are unsure; you can report the message and the sender directly to the Discord help desk. You have to hit”Report,” which is the orange “Report” button on your smartphone app.

The process can be a bit more complex for desktop computers since there’s no “Report” button. Instead, you must take a handful of ID numbers, write them down, and submit your information to the Discord team through an application form.

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Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. In the lower-left right-hand corner, click the gear icon to access Settings.
  2. Select “Appearance” and then look for the “Advanced” section.
  3. Turn the switch in front of “Developer Mode” to on.
  4. Find the issue you wish to report, right-click the user’s name, then choose “Copy ID”. Because you’ll be copying several IDs, you can paste this into a text file and save it before going on.
  5. The next step is to find to know the ID number of the message. The procedure is identical: right-click on the message, select “Copy ID, ” and copy the ID within that file.
  6. Then, you’ll require to know the ID for the server on which the incident occurred. In addition, you’ll have to right-click on the server’s name, then select “Copy ID”, and add it to this same page. Check that the three IDs are properly labelled (User ID (Message-ID, Server ID), and User ID), then go through the following step.
  7. Visit the Discord’s Official request forms and choose “Trust & Safety” from the dropdown menu. Fill in your email address on the appropriate form, then complete the remaining fields on the application.
  8. In the “Report Type” section, select “Harassment” or whatever alternative you think is suitable. Under the “Subject” field below, enter “Abusive behaviour report” or something similar.
  9. Input the three IDs clearly labelled into the “Description” box below and include any additional notes you have. It is also possible to use the “Attachment” field below to attach a screenshot “Attachment” field below to attach screenshot.
  10. After completing the form, make sure to check to complete the form, check the reCAPTCHA box on the right to ensure that you’re not a bot and select “Submit”. Your request will be forwarded via email to the Discord support team. You’ll get a response via email once it’s completed and addressed.

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Can You Report a Deleted Message?

See Deleted Messages on Discord?

Discord’s support staff requires the three IDs to be able to process your request and to take appropriate steps against the sender of the offensive message. Therefore, if you receive a message that is not legitimate, it is imperative to immediately note the three IDs and then capture a screenshot from the email.

If the email is deleted so that you’ve got the server’s ID and the username, you can still file a report and include the screenshot as evidence. You can either use the official form or send an email to [email protected].

Change of usernames on Discord is easy to do, and online harassers are known to make it a habit, and that’s why you should submit the username together with the photo. If you do not complete the process, you may attempt to file a complaint, but the support team might not be able to recognize the sender and take proper actions.

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Adding Bots

See Deleted Messages on Discord?

If you’re sick of the unintentional content on your server (or one you manage) and want an easier method of capturing the content rather than snapping pictures, there’s a tool for that. It’s possible to create a channel that is ‘Read Only’, but that takes all the fun. Bots help to make the Discord experience more flexible and enjoyable.

Let’s say that you’re enjoying your game when a well-known trolling site appears on the Discord server. You can stop your game, take an image of the situation, and report it. Or, you could use the bot to let you return to delete messages that you have on your server.

Dyno Bot

One of the most well-known Discord Bots, Dyno Bot, comes with the ability to log actions. If you’ve tried a bot before, you likely have this one. We’d recommend mentioning it in the Action Log.

Dyno Bot has premium paid features as well as free. The free version will save the last ten messages to keep track of messages, and the premium version will save 100. Remember that the Dyno bot does not save images or messages. Dyno bot will not save pictures or inform you which message was deleted.

You have to open your web browser and then go to this site. Sign in using your Discord credentials. Select “Action Log” after selecting which server you’re running on the left side.

Turn the ‘Enable Module on.

Then, select the actions you’d like to record on the next screen. To make this post this article, we’ll choose the option ‘Messages deleted’; however, feel free to select other options you’d like to utilize.

Remember, if you’re running the trial version, you’ll need to be swift when accessing the logs. If the other chats are deleted, you’ll lose those deleted messages.


Logger is an excellent source for those who wish to keep records of messages on their servers. Those with a bit of tech can create their own. However, this one has excellent reviews and claims to concentrate on logging data.

The process of adding a bot for Your Discord server is very easy. Based on the source, choose the “Get” or “Invite option and then follow the steps to verify.

When your bot is set, you can head to the Discord application or web browser and connect to your server. Make adjustments to the settings to ensure that your bot is running correctly before relying on it only for automation.

Muting a Channel

If you’re not the server administrator being harassed, you’re not totally out of options in Discord. If server administrators aren’t taking action to block the offensive content or deter the content, you may choose to disable your channel to deter it for a few minutes. There are many reasons you might want to restore deleted messages; however, if the reason is the content that is offensive or inconvenient, you have another option.

Simply browse to the channel, then hit the bell button (located on the right-hand side of your screen). The bell will turn off the particular channel. This means that you can keep playing your game or performing the things you love without interruption. If you’ve already been notified of the user, then muting your channel till Discord takes care of it is the best option to safeguard your peace.

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