How to Save Onlyfans Content? Download Onlyfans’ Videos and Pics for iPhone, Android

Save Onlyfans Content

Onlyfans is a subscription-based networking website that gives high-quality content from all types of creators. While it’s open to all kinds of creators, it is most well-known among content creators who are explicit, and users who use the site typically have difficulty downloading Onlyfans videos or saving their preferred videos.

Sites such as Onlyfans and Fans are very secure, and it is impossible to access their servers to take the content or Save Onlyfans Content videos from their preferred creator for no cost. i.e. If a website associated with Onlyfans claims to offer you free content in exchange for your complete surveys or offers, be assured that it is making false promises. Instead of offering Onlyfans website free and safe, it can trick you into installing malware on your device.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain the content of Onlyfans for no cost. There are indeed several ways to access any creator’s work without paying. We’ll discuss this in the final section of this post.

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Furthermore, Onlyfans does not offer an authentic android or iOS application.

If you find any application related to the Onlyfans hacking or the premium viewer, don’t install it.

In this article, we’ll provide users who are subscribers and not on the best way to install OnlyFans videos and photos of your preferred creators to all of your gadgets.

How can Onlyfans ensure the security of photos and videos posted on its platform?

Save Onlyfans Content

If you’re a content creator, you are the owner of all copyrights to content you create, up as long as you do not transfer the copyrights to another person. The services that offer subscriptions to content, such as Onlyfans, let creators create content and earn income by offering subscriptions for their customers.

The original creators copyright the content. In the interests of the creators, Onlyfans defends their photos and videos using one of the two options listed below:

  1. Enable right-clicks on images and videos
  2. This JavaScript code below disables the right-click function, which means users won’t be in a position to access the contextual menu for saving Onlyfans contents, i.e. you won’t get the chance to save the image or video you’d like to save on Onlyfans website. However, you can still look at your page’s source code and locate the image or video URL of the file.
  3. $(‘img’).mousedown(function (e) {
  4. if(e.button is greater than 2) {* / right click
  5. Return false does nothing!
  6. }
  7. }
  8. Utilizing the background image + information: imagesource
  9. Utilizing CSS background images instead of HTML and simultaneously using data: image source as the place of origin. Onlyfans and Fans utilize this particular technique to safeguard their creators’ content.

However they choose to do it, there is nothing that can prevent the simple view of an online tracker or “Network” tab in your browser’s developer tools.

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How can I download Onlyfans videos and photos?

As a default feature, Onlyfans does not permit users to download photos and videos on their website because the individual creators copyright them.

On any other regular website, downloading an image or video is simply a matter of right-clicking for the save option. Alternatively, you can press the long-press button on the picture or video to save it to the phone. However, this isn’t the situation for downloading pictures and videos on sites such as Onlyfans. They deliberately block right-click options or wrap media blocks using empty pixel links to block users from downloading or conserving their media content.

Contrary to what some people think, you can save or download almost anything displayed on your display. If you’re a web designer, you will know that you could examine or look up the source of any web page or download any media files such as images and videos.

For ordinary internet users like us, numerous online tools can perform this task for us without any effort. These tools comprise extensions for browsers, websites from third parties and the web browser itself.

Let right-click menus be available to be displayed on Onlyfans for saving content.

Save Onlyfans Content

Before we get into the exclusive video downloader extension details, Let me present to you this wonderful browser extension that lets you access the right-click menu or the “context menu” on websites that block it!

Allow Right-Click extension is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Add Right-Click Extension can be used with both Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

By enabling this extension, you can save any content that you like on Onlyfans. You can download images, videos, and the profile image of the creator if you want to.

Take a look at the image below:

All you have to do is install the extension and then enable it. After enabling it, go to Onlyfans and start playing any video. When watching the movie, click on the video’s area to display the ‘context menu’. You can select the save video choice to download it to your desktop computer.

It is, by far, the most convenient method of saving Onlyfans ‘ content on your computer, and it can be used on any other site where right-clicking on a video or image is forbidden (mostly porn websites). We’ll now look at the exclusive downloader extension available for Onlyfans.

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Onlyfans downloader Chrome extension to help save Onlyfans’ content

Save Onlyfans Content

While websites like Onlyfans always employ measures to protect copyrights of their content and block users from downloading media files, the truth is that there is no way for them to hinder users from downloading media content that appears on the screen of their device.

Let’s see how you could download images and video clips from Onlyfans websites by using This exclusive Chrome extension, the downloader designed for Onlyfans.

The extension will automatically include download buttons on all the videos and images in your Onlyfans feed or on the account page of the creator.

Check out the image below:

Simply click on the “original” button, and the video will begin downloading. By default, the extension is designed for downloading the file in the first place (highest quality). However, you can set it to download with a low resolution by simply clicking the extension’s icons within the address bar.

If you’re uncomfortable with any extension or plug-ins for your browser, I’d also suggest this easy but powerful function of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It allows users to download images and videos from any website, including Onlyfans, without the need for any extensions or add-ons.

Content from Saving Onlyfans in Firefox, the web-browser

  1. In the Firefox web browser, open the website from which you would like to download your photos or videos or other media files. In our example,
  2. Check to ensure that you’re logged in and have full access to all of the creator’s content.
  3. For now, Goto Tools >> Page Information > Media tab.
  4. Browse through the entire media files (you can click any file to view the preview)
  5. If you locate the photo or video you’re trying to find, just click save for’ in order to download the file.

Check out the image below:

So, this could be how to get around copy-protection and save your content from Onlyfans with browser extensions and also using the browser feature directly for your computer desktop. We will now explore how you can achieve the same thing on a mobile phone.

How can I download Onlyfans’ videos for Android phones?

I’ve mentioned the downloader to Onlyfans’ which is a Chrome extension, in the section above. We’ll be using the identical extension with your Android device to download videos from Onlyfans. You can also utilize the extension ‘allow right-click’ to activate the ‘context menu’, which is activated by pressing long-press on the video or image area on your smartphone.

The official Android Chrome app doesn’t support extensions. To make use of chrome extensions, you’ll require installing a Kiwi internet browser that can support chrome extensions straight out of the box. Follow the same procedure as described in the preceding section to download content from the Onlyfans website.

Another method to download videos from Onlyfans on the Android device is to utilize the software for downloading content from websites like AhaSave’s video downloader.

Download the app from Google Play and visit or search for “OnlyFans” using the browser in-app. Log into your account and click on the play button of the video you wish to download. The app will detect the link to the video, and you’ll be asked for downloading the movie.

Take a look at the image below:

Additionally, you can simply take screenshots of images or use screen recording software such as The AZ Screen Recorder to save Onlyfans videos to the back of your Android device.

How can I save Onlyfans content on your iPhone?

There isn’t a method to download or save Onlyfans content to your iPhone, especially because there’s no browser application for iOS that can work with extensions or add-ons that were discussed in the earlier sections. However, you can download the contents to your computer before transferring them to your iPhone.

In addition to transferring stored content most efficient method of saving photos and videos on Onlyfans is to take a screen capture. It is easy to take screen captures of the images you wish to save or record a screen from the movies you watch.

Here’s an image from Apple’s official guide for creating screen recordings:

Tip: After you click record, make sure to use landscape playback (fullscreen).

Hack of Onlyfans: You can hack only fans to get gratis content?

Many users are searching for ways for hackers to gain access to Onlyfans to access creators’ profiles without having to pay the monthly subscription fees. There are numerous websites online offering free Onlyfans subscriptions or even Onlyfans Premium accounts.

Take a look at the screenshot from a site called “Onlyfans Viewer”, which promises you a tool that could be used to view high-quality videos from any Onlyfans model by just using their username.

Another website is offering the premium account of Onlyfans for no cost:

It is the necessity of the moment to stress the fact that such hacks and tools are not available. These fake hack websites will require you to take part in surveys or offer to obtain an account at a premium price. Once you have completed their offer, they will not give you anything. Avoid these websites.

Frequently asked questions

How can I see Onlyfans without having to pay?

While it’s not possible to access Onlyfans ‘ content without paying for it through its site, you can access your favourite creator’s photos and videos from various porn websites, forums, and Telegram channels.

Here’s how to go see Onlyfans for free:

Go to any popular porn website and look up “Onlyfans” and “Onlyfans username”. Replace username with the artist’s Onlyfans handle. You’ll be able the ability to download videos from Onlyfans there.

Google for “Fappening websites” and then search for models from Onlyfans on those websites. You can also lookup Onlyfans videos on forums such as to download or save content from Onlyfans.

Join the various groups on Telegram groups related to Onlyfans or look up any Onlyfans creator using the telegram application within the app. You can also use Reddit in search of groups and content.

With the above solutions, You don’t need to join any creator to download their videos from OnlyFans.

How can I unlock the content of Onlyfans without cost?

Onlyfans provides paid and free content. In general, you will not receive any explicit content for free. By default, all paid pictures and videos are locked by Onlyfans. You have to join the creator and pay the subscription cost to unlock this content.

If you do not want to purchase it, simply browse and download the content online. Please read the first section of this article.

Do you have the ability to take a screenshot of Onlyfans?

A large number of Onlyfans users have asked about this issue, and If you’re wondering whether it’s okay to take screenshots on Onlyfans and I’ll inform you that it’s legal as long as you don’t post these screenshots online or create an enterprise out of it.

Here’s the official policy on taking screenshots while using Onlyfans:

As stated in the ToS above, you are permitted to screen-capture Onlyfans content only for your private and non-commercial usage only. That’s all there is. You aren’t allowed to do any derivative work or share it with anyone else.

How can I view Onlyfans photos without spending a dime?

If you’d like to view images of your favourite creator on the Only Fans website, then there’s no other option than paying and signing up. However, you can locate and download Onlyfans photos of any creator on the internet at no cost. Refer to the previous part of the article to learn more.

How can I download Onlyfans’ pictures?

Are you struggling to download Onlyfans ‘ photos onto your iPhone or Android phone? Here’s how to download photos from Onlyfans on your device or your computer:

If you’re using iPhone, You can easily capture pictures taken from Onlyfans videos (hold power and volume buttons).

Install the “kiwi browser” and downloader extension to download Onlyfans images if you have an Android device. A comprehensive guide to saving Onlyfans content is available in the section before.

How can I download it from Fans?

Similar to Onlyfans, It isn’t possible to hack into Fans and download videos. So, how do you download videos from Fans? The solution is to use the Fans downloader extensions for Google Chrome. The extension provides download buttons to the content you create and allows you to download Fan’s videos. It lets you download animated images, images (gifs) and videos.

Beware of scam websites such as the one that downloads videos from Fansly, which promises content for free, similar to the scam websites that advertise that they can download Onlyfans’s videos for no cost.

How do I download protected images from Smugmug?

Smugmug Hack: Are you able to hack Smugsmug servers to download encrypted videos? If you think this is possible, let me inform you that it’s not. If you’d like to download images, you can install an extension that allows right-clicks, or if you’re a Firefox user, You can visit the tools page Information >> media to download photos that are protected from Smugmug. I’ve discussed this at the beginning of this post.

How can I download protected images from Pixieset?

Pixieset is an excellent online photo-sharing site for photographers. It makes it simple to share your images on the internet! It is an excellent resource for those who want to take amazing photos and share them with other users straightforwardly.

I’m assuming that you don’t have permission to download any images shared by any photographer, and you would like to download them or search for Pixieset password hacks. Although there isn’t any Pixieset downloader software to download images protected by Pixieset, you can Install “Allow Right-Click Chrome Extension” according to the previous section. Use it to download or save images from Pixieset.

How do I download images Smugmug? Smugmug to iPhone

SmugMug is another photo hosting and sharing site utilized by many pros to share their photographs because it’s easy to use and can save them their time.

SmugMug offers a photo-protection feature that lets photographers limit or block download buttons available to visitors. Photographers can also allow downloads for photos with limited dimensions.

There is no limit to how many restrictions they set on their images or videos. If you’re able to browse them, you can download them onto your desktop or mobile phone. i.e. you can download videos and content that are shown on your screen, just as Onlyfans

While there’s no official download tool for SmugMug, we can utilize Chrome extensions such as Download All Images, ImageAssistant Batch Downloader, etc. For mass photo downloading and video Download Helper (Firefox extension) to download videos.

Bentbox hack – Download photos & videos

Beatbox is a different adult-oriented video and image sharing website similar to Onlyfans, which allows its creators to earn income through subscription sales.

As with Onlyfans, stay clear from Beatbox hack sites that claim to offer free subscriptions and premium accounts. However, you can download any video or image in your browser’s window using the extensions for your browser listed below.

Google Chrome users Download All Images & video downloader, professional

Mozilla Firefox users: Download All Images & Video DownloadHelper

The extensions above are like other Chrome extensions that we reviewed and were used to download videos from Onlyfans.

I hope that this article can help you save the content of Onlyfans without trouble. Let us know if you try to download Onlyfans videos or images if you have any issues. We will do our best to assist you in resolving your issues.

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