How To Save Melina In Elden Ring

How To Save Melina In Elden Ring

If you’re reading this, we’re hoping you know some final outcomes in this game. If not, do not hesitate to click here now. Elden Ring is awesome and we do not want to spoil your experience. If you are aware of what you’re doing Then here’s the answer to your question : do you have the ability and what can you do will you help be able to save Melina from Elden Ring?

Can You & How to Save Melina in Elden Ring?

Yes you can help save Meline within the Elden Ring, and to accomplish this, you must obtain the “Frenzied Flame” from ‘Three Fingers’ to access The Forge of the Giants. This is the point where Melina is willing to sacrifice herself to open the Erdtree entryway. After that, you must complete Millicent’s mission to obtain an “Unalloyed Gold Needle” drop from “Commander O’Neil”. You can give this the “Scarlet Aeonia” following the Malenia’s boss battle for”Miquella’s Needles”. “Miquella’s Needle”.

Consume “Miquella’s Needle” at Dragonlord Placidusax boss fight in “Crumbling Farum Azula”. This will take away what you thought was the “Frenzied Flame” from you and you won’t get stuck in the ‘Lord of the Frenzied Flamingo’ ending. Based on the response given by Mackisbeast/uand u/Mackisbeast, Now you can select any other ending, and Melina is still alive. We were able achieve this result because of Mackisbeast.

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Additionally, when you have”Flame of Frenzy “Flame of Frenzy” from “Three Fingers,” it’s essential to collect the Miquella’s Needle. In the absence of this, you’ll be locked into one of the six different endings available. Ingestion of the The Miquella’s Needle will permanently end any Flame of Frenzy.

The Frenzied Fire is all to save Melina since she’ll leave you at this moment. In lieu of her sacrifice in the Forge to destroy the Erdtree Your body will be sacrificed. This is why you should obtain Frenzied Flame before you begin the cutscene along with Meline at the spot of grace.

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