Do You Know How To Save Melina in Elden Ring? YES!!

How To Save Melina in Elden Ring

Now, you’ve come to the point that Melina’s fate lies in yours to determine. However, you do not want her to give up herself as the spark that sets the Erdtree ablaze. The good part is that there’s an option to save her.

How can I help save Melina from Elden Ring?

To ensure that Melina is alive within the Elden Ring, you need to find an item called the Frenzy Flame and then ignite it on the Erdtree yourself. After that, you must complete Milicent’s quest for the chance to get Miquella’s Needle that can be used to treat the frenzy. Head to the Dragonlord Placidusax boss area in Azula and use Miquella’s Needle to eliminate the frenzy’s flame.

You’re burnt and naked; however, Melina has a definite existence. But she’s angry with you for having the Frenzy Flame, the fact that she’ll go missing as well, and you’ll never meet her again..


It’s impossible to use Celestial Dew in the Church of Vows to restore relationships with Melina. Melina is gone forever.

So, at least you’re not looking at your eyes with frenzied glee. Once you’ve gotten rid of the frenzy, you’ll be locked out of your “Lord of the Frenzied Flame” ending. You’ll be able to choose a different ending.

= Important notes

Remember that once you’ve ignited the Erdtree must complete Milicent’s quest to get rid of the fiery flame. When you’ve completed Milicent’s quest, there’s an item dubbed Miquella’s Needle. The needle is distinct from the gold needle.

Melina dies if you don’t use the “Fire Frenzy. The Erdtree needs to be burnt to allow you to advance the story. The incident is a point at which there is no turning back. However, you have the option to burn the tree by yourself and then save Melina as well as let her die herself. Do you wish there were an opportunity to repair relationships with Melina? Would you take on a new adventure or take on bosses sporting huge HP bars to keep in the presence of your former lover? Tell me by leaving a comment below.

One thought was “Is there an option to help save Melina within Elden Ring? YES!”

I would have liked more dialogue and details about saving Melina in the case of her disappearing forever, as she goes away after you’ve experienced the intense flame as the norm. Still, once you heal yourself, it would be awe-inspiring for her to reach out and say that reads something like “Tarnished, Though wisheth not to become the frenzied flame, didst though not wish to burn the world, or merely, you protected me, just as I have you, mayhaps I misjudged thine motives, for saving my life, could I once again offer thee myself as the role of the maiden, that we together shall see thine self rise to Elden lord together” If she is not selected, she replies by saying “I see, you wish to travel alone, I will watch from afar, good luck tarnished.”

And she disappears forever, until the final hidden scene in which she appears up and praises the tarnished and continues the regular conclusion as usual. If selected, she says, “Alright, I once again shall play the role of the maiden, and you shall become our Elden lord.” There is also some dialogue on locations of grace. The “Speak to Melinaoptions led to inquiries about the experience. If it was an omen for that blaze of chaos and whatnot, it could have made the post-discussion finale very interesting to at the very least.

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