How To Rick Roll Someone On Discord? Easy Ways

How To Rick Roll Someone On Discord

Discord allows instant messaging, digital distribution, and VoIP. It can host various servers that create a large social network of gamers, group members, and extensions of people. Discord was established in 2015.

Jason Citron was the one who, in 2015, founded Discord. OpenFeint was also founded by Citron. OpenFeint was also a mobile gaming platform. In this article we’ll discuss How To Rick Roll Someone On Discord?

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There are many virtual platforms that can be used to host chat rooms or voice chat channels. Discord allows you to communicate with others via voice, voice, video, and file sharing. Discord is available in all major countries.

This is the most popular and widely used service for gamers. They can help their gamers and followers. Discord is home to over 250 million registered users. It has more than 140 million users. It works on Windows, Android, and macOS as well as iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and web browsers.

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How To Rick Roll Someone On Discord?

How To Rick Roll Someone On Discord

Why is Discord the best tool for gamers?

Discord boasts the most active users of any gaming platform. There are many gaming content servers hosted by Discord. Many of these servers are related to gaming niches. All discord users are primarily focused on online games. On a daily basis, the platform allows users to share multiple gaming resources.

The platform offers a huge variety of content for users. This service boasts many chat rooms hosted on one server, which gives it credibility. This makes the service a safe haven for gamers and other game enthusiasts. Discord servers offer a safe and reliable environment for sharing information. These resources are all from trusted sources. Discord doesn’t allow you to share illegal or pirated content. These features make Discord the best gaming service.

How do you Rick Roll someone in Discord?

Rick Rolling means clicking-baiting someone on a short URL code. The person will be redirected to Rick Astley’s song, “Never Gonna Give You up”. This is a hilarious and fun way to fool anyone on any platform.

These are the steps to ” Rick Roll someone on Whatsapp“:

  • Find Rick Astley’s song, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” on Youtube. Copy the URL for the song. It should be “”. Copy the code and go to Bitly. It’s a URL shortener. Paste the link above into the URL shortening field. Copy the URL shortened. Send it to the Discord member you wish to Rick Roll.
  • All set to Rick Roll.


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