How To Restart Discord

How To Restart Discord

Discord is a highly optimized platform for communication on phones and desktop computers.

However, no program can be perfect, and that means it may freeze occasionally and display problems or experience bugs.

To assist you in resolving any issues that could arise, the following guide will teach you how to restart Discord.

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How To Restart Discord: Restarting The Desktop App

How To Restart Discord

There are several methods to restart or close Discord’s desktop application.

Method 1: Top-Right Close Button

The most well-known method is to click the cross (X) located at the top right of Discord. The button can be found in every application window within Microsoft Windows.

But, by default closing the button will reduce the Discord application to your tray instead of closing the app completely.

To stop this from happening, you must open the Discord user settings and then go to the Windows setting.

Check for the Minimize Tray option. Ensure that it is turned off. If you hit the button X with it off, Discord shuts down completely instead of minimizing.

After that, you can restart the application, and the issue should be solved.

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Method 2: Close From System Tray

How To Restart Discord

If the method above isn’t working your way, you could also try closing Discord totally from the desktop.

The tray for the system is a part of the taskbar, which is found on each Windows system. It specifically refers to the icons in the lower-right corner, next to the date and time.

If you click on the tiny upward arrow, you will be able to see Discord’s logo if the application is currently running. Click it with your right hand and then click quit Discord.

Discord icon on Windows the system tray.

After you’ve shut down, Discord Start the app again and confirm whether the application is working as it should.

Method 3: Close With Task Manager

How To Restart Discord

When an application slows down and crashes, it could greatly affect Windows performance. In certain situations, you may not be in a position to open the tray in order to force Discord to shut down.

The best option is to use task Manager. The fastest method to open Task Manager is by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Escape on your keyboard.

You can also select Ctrl + Alt+ to delete and then choose Task Manager.

If you’re not connected to the keyboard or some of these keys aren’t working correctly, don’t fret. Microsoft offers another choice! Right-click on the taskbar and choose The Task Manager.

After Task Manager is opened, ensure to maximize it using “More Details”. It is located in the lower-left corner of the windows.

Expanding Task Manager.

On the Processes tab, select Sort by name and then locate Discord. Select it, click the end task or right-click Discord and close the task. It should close the application, but to be certain you’re sure, look across the page to find another process that is named Discord.

Alternately, you could continue pressing the letter D or D on the keyboard and cycle through each step beginning with”D.

When every application that uses the desktop application has been shut down, You can then restart the application. The issues you have encountered will be solved.

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Method 4: Restarting The Computer

If neither of the above solutions resolves your issue, or you’re unable to get access to your Task Manager or the system tray, the most straightforward option is to reboot your PC completely.

Launch the Start Menu and close or restart your computer. If that’s not possible, you can use the power button on your device to turn it manually off.

After your computer has restarted after rebooting, you can start Discord and test whether all is running just as it is supposed to.

All of these are options you can use for the desktop application. If you’d prefer to use the browser application, continue reading.

Restarting The Browser App

If you prefer to use the browser application, You can start the app by shutting down your Discord tab or closing the browser.

After you’ve reopened your browser, press CTRL + Shift, +T, and you will be able to open all of your most recently closed tabs, including Discord.

Try the browser application once more and determine if the issue has been resolved.

If you find that the Discord tab has stopped working in the browser, you may have to use the approach as described in Method 3 and close the application using Task Manager.

Restarting Discord On Phone

Many Discord customers prefer to remain on the move and use the application solely on phones or in conjunction with the desktop application. Whether you’re using your Android smartphone or iPhone, the Discord app is intuitive, well-optimized well-optimized and simple to use.

While Discord is extremely reliable, it’s still worthwhile to learn how to turn it back on using any mobile phone.


There are a variety of methods to close an application on Android. The most efficient method is to hit the menu button and then swipe the application you’d like to end. In this instance, you need to you can swipe Discord away.

If you’re not using a standard navigation bar on Android to view the list of apps available, you’ll need to drag the bar from the bottom up and hold it for a couple of seconds.

However, this method will not always cause apps to shut down, and that’s why there are still problems. If that is the case, it is necessary to perform the process manually.

On Android, you can drag down the bar at the top and Then push the cogwheel to enter settings. Scroll down until you locate Apps. This is where you can start Discord, then click Force Stop, and confirm.

After you have stopped the application by force, open it up again, and the issue should be solved.


If you’re not on Android, The process for iOS is quite similar. This is a brief guide to assist you.

To force-close an app, it is necessary to go into the App Switcher. This is done by dragging the bottom toward the centre of your screen and then pressing.

Swipe up on the Discord application to force it to close when you can see the cards for your open apps. Force you to shut down.

Whether you’re using Android, iOS, or Windows, You now know what you should do if Discord requires restarting.

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