How To Repair Lovense

How To Repair Lovense

4 Reasons Your Lovense toy doesn’t charge and how to fix it

Lovense provides a variety of toys to satisfy your every whim. You don’t even have to miss one minute of the action because they can be recharged.

However, you may experience some problems with rechargeable sex toy. For example, loss of charge.

Here are the four reasons Lovense doesn’t charge for toys:

  1. Charging mechanism does not exist
  2. Inadequate power
  3. Blockage in charging port
  4. Not Storing Correctly

There are several reasons your rechargeable device might not work. These are the main reasons why your rechargeable toy might stop working. Don’t worry. There are many easy ways to keep your rechargeable toys running for a long period of time. These are quick tips to make sure your rechargeable toys last.

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These Are the Top 4 Reasons That Your Lovense Pet Does Not Have a Charge

Reason #1: Charging Mechanism Is Not in Place

A few Lovense toys like Nora , max 2 and Ambi require charging systems that are properly installed in order for the toy’s to be charged.

These toys charge using magnetic energy, which is different from other toys that use the traditional charging method. To maintain a magnetic charge, the magnetic field must always be present.

  • The Nora Max, Max and Max 2 toys are designed in such a way that a light will illuminate when the toy charges. To make sure you see the appropriate light, reposition the item.
  • Only the Ambi comes with a charger. The charging dock works in the same way as the magnetic charging cable. For the toy to charge, the magnetic field must remain intact.

You can assume that these toys don’t charge if the light isn’t visible.

Reason #2: Inadequate strength

To start charging, all Lovense toys must be plugged in to any USB port or USB/AC adapter. It’s true, ladies and gentlemen! Your cell phone adapter will charge your friend. It can also be plugged into your desktop or laptop computer. It can even be plugged into your car’s charger if you want to have some great times at home.

You can change these sex toys using any USB port. But, slow charging can cause problems.

Your sex will get slower if you charge it with a computer or laptop. The power of laptops and desktops goes into “sleep”, which means they save power. Items that you have charging from them will get less power.

This can also happen if you attempt to charge your toy using your car’s USB port. Depending on your car, electronics will also shut off when your engine is off. Even if the engine turns off, the electronics may still turn on.

#3 Blockage in Charger Port

Lovense toys that do not use a magnet field to charge can have some tiny things in their charger ports and block the toy’s ability to receive its full charge.

  • Lovense toy toys all use a charger. The tunnel is a small opening that connects to the battery of your sextoy. There’s always the chance for something to get into that tunnel, ruining your fun.

You may find small bits of dirt and debris that block the charging port. This can prevent the charger from fully connecting. The best thing to do is clean the port and reconnect. Don’t put anything in the port. Instead, blow into it.

Tips on a Clean Charger Port

Be aware that lint can get caught in the charging port if you keep your toy in linen bags or towels. The sex toy you choose to store it in mustn’t shed.

You don’t need to worry when it comes to water. Lovense toys can be used in any weather condition. But, if you immerse your toy into water during washing, the water pressure could cause the charging port to leak. This could result in your toy being damaged. To prevent this, rinse the toy with water and do not fully submerge it.

Reason #4: Not Storing Properly

Rechargeable toys can be dangerous, so it is essential to store your sexy toy. Lovense lithium-ion batteries cannot simply be removedd.

  • Temperature can affect your sexy. Longer exposure to heat can decrease the battery life of lithium-ion batteries. It is recommended that lithium-ion cells be charged at 32-degrees Fahrenheit (or higher) than 113-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They will lose energy if they are inactive with rechargeable sex toy. It is important to charge your toy after a long time. Your toy is not going away just because you aren’t there.
  • You should store your toy somewhere between 30-50 percent of its full charge before you store it. This could lead to the battery losing its charging capacity.

Lovense sex toys have a pairing app. Before you dispose of your toy, this app will tell you exactly how much it costs.

What’s the minimum charge for lovense?

When purchasing a rechargeable, sexy toy, consumers must consider the time they will need to charge. Nobody wants to wait 24 hours to have fun.

Every Lovense toy is different. However, Most sex toys from Lovense require charging between 70 minutes and 2 half hours , depending upon the size of the toy.

It’s vital to consult the instruction manual to find out how long it takes for your toy to charge before it can start functioning properly.

How Long Does a Lovense Toy Charge Last?

The time a sexy toy lasts after it has been fully charged will vary depending on its make and model. It is common for Lovense products to be charged for as long.

Some toys can last up to three hours if charged appropriately. The instruction manual will show you how long it takes to fully charge a toy and how long it can keep the charge without needing to be charged again.

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