How to Remove Disk From Ps5

How to Remove Disk From Ps5

Do you know how to get rid of from a PS5 disc? Be assured that new technology requires some knowing, and this new console isn’t any different. There are two ways to get a disc out of the PlayStation 5, either with software or hardware, based on whether you’re comfortable taking a step out of your chair (though it’s likely that you’ll have to find the disc after it’s gone). The following article will outline all the methods to remove the PS5 disc.

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How to Remove Disk From Ps5

  1. Remove the PS5 disc using the button for ejecting that is specifically designed for this purpose.

The first step in your search to learn how to remove the PS5 disc would be the button in the console’s interior. Two extremely thin, pill-shaped buttons are located at the lower part of the console. One is the power button, while another is the button to eject. If you’re seated your console vertically the eject button is the top button. If you’re turning to the side, it’s to the left. The power and eject buttons are hard to spot as neither of them are labeled; therefore, it’s very easy to press the power button in error.

  1. Discard the PS5 disc by using the UI

Another method of ejecting the PS5 disc is not to use controls on the console and that’s through the UI. In the main screen navigate to the tile that corresponds to the game you’re looking to remove the disc from It’s typically the first tile on the top of the rung.

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Click the Options Button on the PS5 controller The button is to the right of the Triangle Button with three lines that are there. This will display an option menu that includes the option of checking for updates, and much more. At the bottom is the option of ejecting the disc. Press that button, then the disc pops off the PS5 like a miracle.

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