How To Refresh Quick Add On Snapchat | 3 Easy Hack

Refresh Quick Add On Snapchat

Are you a Snapchat user and want to know how to refresh Quick Add on Snapchat? Well, we have the answer to your question and will explain in detail about the Quick Add feature and how to use and refresh Quick Add on Snapchat. 

Snapchat is among the most popular photo and video sharing platforms people have been using worldwide. With a lot of interesting filters, people love to capture their pictures and record their videos on the platform and then share those snaps with people added as friends on Snapchat. 

To refresh Quick Add on Snapchat, go to your Snapchat profile web page and tap on the Settings icon. Then tap on “Clear Cache” and your Quick Add will be refreshed on Snapchat. This way, your Quick Add will be refreshed and you will be shown suggestions accordingly on Snapchat. 

To know in detail about how to refresh Quick Add on Snapchat, keep reading this article. Let us not waste more time and get you all your answers to your questions related to Quick Add on Snapchat. Here we go. 

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What Is Quick Add On Snapchat?

Refresh Quick Add On Snapchat

If you use Facebook, you must have seen the suggestions to add people to your friend list under the “People you may know” section. Yes, Snapchat’s Quick Add also serves the same purpose.

 Under the Quick Add feature on Snapchat, you will be suggested a list of the users that are on Snapchat whose linked phone numbers you have added to your phone’s contact list. Apart from this, you will also see the users who you have friends in common with on Snapchat. 

How To Refresh Your Quick Add On Snapchat?

Refreshing Quick Add on Snapchat is a straightforward process. We are providing below the easy steps that you can follow to refresh Quick Add on Snapchat. 

1. Launch the Snapchat app on your device. 

2. On the backside of the display, tap on the Chat button. 

3. You will now be in the Chat tab. 

4. Before everything, go to the web page of your Snapchat profile as soon as the dialog web page has been loaded. 

5. At the top left corner of the screen, tap on your profile page. 

6. Now, tap on the gear icon, that is, the “Settings” menu. 

7. In the Settings, look for the “Clear Cache” option and tap on it. 

8. A pop-up screen will appear, tap on the “Clear” button on it. 

As you follow these steps, the older saved data related to your contacts will be refreshed on Snapchat, and you will now see the refreshed Quick Add suggestions. 

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How To Use Quick Add On Snapchat?

Refresh Quick Add On Snapchat

If you want to refresh Quick Add on Snapchat so that newly updated suggestions show up to you in the suggestions, you will get all the steps here. 

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How To Use Quick Add In Snapchat On iPhone Or iPad?

If you are using an iOS device for accessing your Snapchat, then here are the steps that you can follow to refresh Quick Add on Snapchat:

1. Launch the “Settings” of your iOS device that has an icon that looks like a gear. 

2. Now go to the applications section in the bottom half of the page and search for Snapchat. Tap on it.  

3. Among the several options, slide right the toggle next to the “Contacts” option so that it turns green. This will give Snapchat access to the contacts saved on your phone. 

4. Now open the Snapchat app installed on the same device. 

5. You will be at the home screen. Swipe down and the User screen will open. 

6. Near the center of the screen, you will see the “Add Friends” option, tap on it. 

7. You will see a list of Snapchat users who are in your contacts list. Scroll through the list and you can tap the “+Add” button next to their username to Quick Add them. 

8. Those suggested on Quick Add through your contacts information will have mentioned: “In My Contacts” underneath their user name on Snapchat. 

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How To Use Quick Add In Snapchat On Android?

Refresh Quick Add On Snapchat

If you are using Snapchat on your Android device, here are the steps required to use Quick Add on your Snapchat. 

1. Open the “Settings” on your Android device.

2. Scroll down through the menu and tap on the “Apps” option right below the “Device” option. Tap on Snapchat.

3. Now, tap on the “Permissions” sub menu from there. 

4. In the list, swipe right on the toggle present next to the “Contacts” option. It will turn blue-green in color which means it is turned on. 

5. Now, launch the Snapchat app on the same Android device. 

6. Swipe down to enter the User screen. 

7. Tap on “Add Friends” near the center of the screen. 

8. You will see a list of suggested users, tap on “+Add” next to the usernames you want to Quick Add. 

9. The user suggestions taken up from your contacts list will have “In My Contacts” written under their name. 

In this manner, you can use Quick Add on Snapchat to add the people to your Snapchat friends list who you probably know. 

Wrap Up

Now you know all about how to use and refresh Quick Add on Snapchat. If there are any queries in your mind related to Snapchat Quick Add, you can tell us in the comments section below. 

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