How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick | 4 Best Methods

Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

How do I understand WhatsApp messages with no blue ticks? It is you able to view WhatsApp messages without blue ticks?

These common questions posted on the internet are the correct answer is yes. It is possible to browse WhatsApp messages without worrying about the blue tick. However, you will need to use a few simple steps.

In the article below, we’ll provide some of the most simple methods to read WhatsApp messages WhatsApp without being concerned regarding the blue tick.

Keep through the article to discover several exciting tips and tricks about Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick.

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Part 1 Can You Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick?

Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

As we mentioned earlier, Yes, it can be read in WhatsApp messages that do not have the blue tick. However, the most important question is, how do you understand WhatsApp messages with no blue tick? There isn’t much in viewing messages through WhatsApp.

You can disable the blue tick on the settings or read messages in the notifications bar. In addition, you could also use an app from a third party that we’ve listed below to view WhatsApp messages without the blue tick.

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Part 2 How to read WhatsApp Messages with no Blue Tick in 4 ways

Do you plan to ignore anyone, but you don’t want to miss the messages they send? Are you looking for the ability to read messages without having to open the chat? Then we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve listed four ways you can look up WhatsApp messages without having to click a blue tick. Let’s go over these methods in order.

Method 1: Disable the Blue Tick in WhatsApp

If you’re not sure how to set up WhatsApp without the blue tick but don’t fret because here is the complete tutorial you can follow to understand WhatsApp messages without the blue tick.

  • Start your WhatsApp application and look to find the Settings.
  • Click on the Accounts tab.
  • After that, select the “Privacy” option.
  • Scroll down until you find an option to Read Receipt option and turn it off.

After turning it turned off, you can begin watching the messages and not have to notify the person who sent the message. What’s not to love?

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Method 2: Read WhatsApp messages from the Notification Bar

If you’d like to browse WhatsApp messages with no blue tick, you can easily do this by using the notifications bar. This way, you do not need for you to access the WhatsApp messages. This is how you can quickly read messages in The Notification Bar.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick | 4 Best Methods
  • Unlock your device once you get the message, and then press on the bar that displays notifications.
  • When you open the app, you’ll be able to see other messages, but you’d rather go through WhatsApp messages. So you need to hold it.
  • It will expand, and you’ll be able to easily understand it. In addition, you can view the name of the sender. This lets you quickly read messages without fretting over the tick that is blue. Follow the steps below If you aren’t satisfied with this method and wish to test something else.

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Method 3. Learn to read WhatsApp Messages using Airplane Mode.

Another method for reading WhatsApp messages with no blue ticks is to switch to Airplane Mode. Yes, it is true. In this manner, the sender will not know whether you’ve been able to read their messages. To disable this Airplane mode, follow the steps listed below.

  • Start Your Start Screen and swipe to open the Settings option.
  • Then, search at an Airplane mode option, and then turn off the mode.
  • You can open the messages in your WhatsApp messages and look them up. This will not display any blue ticks after you have read the messages.

Method 4 Read WhatsApp Messages with no Blue Tick Utilizing WhatsApp Widget

Are you unsure of how to verify WhatsApp messages without the blue tick? Do not worry; we have the best option for you. You can read messages with WhatsApp. WhatsApp widget. It’s simple, and you needn’t create anything; simply include the WhatsApp app on the home screen, and you’re good to go.

But, remember that you’re not allowed to tap the chat as by doing this, you’ll be able to start your WhatsApp application. So, do not tap when you don’t want it to see your blue tick.

These four techniques will help you to read WhatsApp messages without having to click a blue tick. Additionally, if, for some reason, you’ve lost messages on WhatsApp messages and would like to retrieve these messages, read the following information.

Extra Tips on How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

You may be thinking about how to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages for Android? It’s easy; you can download Tenorshare UltData on Android, which can help to retrieve messages that have been deleted from WhatsApp messages. This app is compatible with any Android device and ensures that you will get your messages back quickly. Additionally, it allows users to download WhatsApp backups to Google Drive on their PC. It’s simple and does not require any technical knowledge.

Here’s the complete guide for retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages with UltData.

  • Download and run UltData on your personal computer. Once installed, you can click to select the “Recover WhatsApp Data” option. Make sure to connect your Android device to a USB cable.
  • Now, you can enable USB debugging in your Android and follow the steps in the display if you aren’t sure how to turn it off.
  • After the device has been connected, select “Start” after connecting the “Start” choice. The app will start searching for deleted WhatsApp information.
  • There is an error message appears on the screen, so select the “Yes, I would like to proceed” option.
  • When the scanning process is completed, you’ll be able to see all the information displayed on the screen. Therefore, look it up and then click on the files you would like to recover. Once you’ve chosen the files, select the “Recover” to save them “Recover” button.
  • Then, you’ve found your erased WhatsApp messages. By using this app, it is possible to recover images and other files too.


We are hoping that you’ve learned how to understand WhatsApp messages without any blue tick. The methods described above are simple, and anyone is able to test these methods.

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