How to React on Discord | React to a Message on Discord

How to React on Discord

A way to appreciate or acknowledge a message on Discord can be to react to the communication with an emoticon.

Discord provides a complete tool to help you select the best emoticon for your message. Here’s How to React on Discord.

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How to React on Discord

React to a Message in Discord on Desktop

How to React on Discord

For an emoji-based reaction to a message displayed from your computer, you must first open the Discord application and Discord via the Internet on your personal computer. After that, you can access the message you’d like to react to.

You can hover your cursor over the message to show options on the message. In the upper right corner of the message, you can click on the “Add Reaction” (emoji) icon.

Discord will open an Emoji selection tool that allows you to select an emoji to use in your message response. Click on any emoji that you like.

The selected emoji has added the message as a response.

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It’s that simple. You can include multiple Emoji reactions to the message. To do this, access the emoji selection tool and select another emoji to include. To erase your reaction, simply click on your reaction emoji. It will disappear.

If you don’t see the “Add Reaction” option for your messages, this feature may be missing from Discord. Discord client. For enabling it, go to Discord’s lower-left corner, and select “User Settings” (a gear icon).

On the right sidebar, select “Text & Images.”

Under the “Text & Images” section to the right, select”Show Emoji Reactions on Messages” in the right-hand column “Show Emoji Reactions on Messages” option.

That’s all there is to How to React on Discord.

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React to a Message in Discord on Mobile

How to React on Discord

On your mobile, you can use the Discord application to respond to messages

Start by opening Discord on your smartphone. Within the app, you can open the message you’d like to reply to.

Tap and hold the message to show the message options.

Choose the emoji you’d like to incorporate into your response in the menu that appears on the top.

To gain access to all the available emojis, you need to scroll down the emoji icon at the top and click on the icon with the “+” (plus) symbol. Then you’ll be able to see a complete list of emojis available.

To erase your emoji response from a message, tap the emoji of your reaction.

That’s How to React on Discord and let people know your opinions about the messages they send via Emojis. Enjoy!

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