How to Reach the Starting Location in Elden Ring

How to Reach the Starting Location in Elden Ring

Similar to similar to Vanguard of Demon Soulsand Genichiro in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Elden Ring expects you to die in the game’s first boss.

There’s nothing more difficult that you can take on to help you get grasp of the game’s combat prior to this battle. You’ll be confronted with the formidable Grafted Scion, a tough opponent that is able to close to the edge and launch a series of attacks.

You’re also not yet mastered the ropes in the moment, and you’ve got no flasks to heal. It’s as if FromSoftware has pushed you into a boiling hot spring when you were still trying to dip your toes in the water. This means that the odds are heavily placed against you and you’re most likely to be a loser (unless it’s one of the hit-free speedrunner kinds).

If you die there is a short cut-scene that plays and the game is properly launched. After a while you might be thinking what you can do to get to the starting area of Elden Ring to enact your revenge on the corpse that was stuffed to the max.

If yes then this guide will help you. I’ll tell you the location of the chapel of Anticipation and how to overcome The Grafted Scion, and what other rewards you can find on the island that is abysmal.

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Returning to the Starting Island

The area that is the beginning of it is known as”the Chapel of Anticipation. In the game, you can locate this island in northwest in Stormveil Castle. The view however is better from the west side of the Lake-Facing cliffs Site of Grace just in front of the castle.

You may have observed that the island is a bit remote, and there is no way to get there by feet. Instead, you must utilize a Waygate to get to the start point within the Elden Ring.

The Chapel of Anticipation Waygate is located at the Four Belfries, on the western part of Luirnia of the Lakes. It is possible to access through the Lurinia in the region of Lakes after you have completed Stormveil Castle or use the route at the side to avoid the entire region.

The Four Belfries is on the highest point on the hill. It is possible to begin your journey by going to the west of the Temple Quarter Site of Grace located near Glintstone Dragon Smarag. Then, go to the east part of Testu’s Rise.

Then, go to first the Site of Grace at the Foot of the Four Belfries. It’s located to the north of Cuckoo’s Evergoal just before the wreckage. There, you’ll be able to pick up your Jellyfish Shield.

Bandit camps and a lot of heads-less Troll Spirit Knights patrol the area that leads toward the Four Belfries, so that Site of Grace is a good safety net in the event that you do die. When you’re ready, go into the camp of the bandits and then follow the path towards the top.

There’s an Site of Grace at the top of the hill close to the 4th belfry. It is important to activate it as it is your respawn location in case you fall to The Grafted Scion, or against any of the other enemies. After that, open the chest beneath the belfry and you will find an imbued sword keys.

Every one of three Belfries is equipped with an associated Waygate which leads to another remote place. Additionally, there are white marks in the ground, giving clues about what’s happening across the other side.

To find the start point within Elden Ring, find the one that reads “Precipice of Anticipation.” This Waygate will lead your to the Church of Anticipation.

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You’ll see you can find Imp Statues which block entry to Waygates. You’ll have to commit an imbued Sword Key to break the seal. After using the key item in the statue of imp and then you’ll be able to use the Waygate.

There are three imbued Sword Keys that you’ll only make use of for these exclusive Waygates within the Four Belfries. Another one is located close to The Raya Lucaria Academy, and the third one is located in Sellia, Town of Sorcery located in Caelid.

The other Waygates will take you to various places. For instance, one will take you to an undiscovered location located in Nokron, Eternal City. You can purchase an Mottled Necklace talisman, which increases robustness, Focus, and Immunity.

The final Waygate will take you to Crumbling Farum Azula. From here, you’ll discover the base version that is the Pearldrake Talisman, which helps to ward off physical damage.

How to Beat Grafted Scion

Once you’ve used the Waygate to get to the start point at Elden Ring, you’ll be transferred to the other side of the entrance after having Grafted Scion.

Do not turn back toward the side of the cliff and you’ll fall to the bottom and then return to the Site of Grace at the Four Belfries. This death is a pity for the very few players who beat Grafted Scion during the tutorial phase.

Take the boss to your second match following Grafted Scion. You would have had some practice against the Grafted Scion underneath Stormveil Castle or the heart-attack-inducing one that sprung from the lobster. But, it’s much simpler this time, since you’re equipped and are in a large space to take on it.

As this is your second time meeting the character do not expect to see the same dramatic opening as the first time. Prepare yourself for the Lunge of Jump attack.

It is generally accepted that Grafted Scion has a long time to recover between move and it is recommended to look for these times to counter. When you’re using weapons that are melee this is the ideal time to launch a heavy assault since you’ll be able to make it easier to stagger.

You can also select the longest or most powerful attack for spellcasters. For instance I was able to pay for the entire time of Ekyzyke’s Decay Dragon Incantation following its jump attack, which tamed my battle.

If you have the Faith as I have, Honed Bolt is a powerful incantation for beating Grafted Scion. Since the lightning originates directly from the sky, it can be able to bypass the shield. In the end, it’s among the most powerful incantations of Elden Ring, and is one I often use whenever I have breathing space to cast multiple times.

When you’re in close proximity the possibility is that it will begin with an attack in which it raises two legs on its right side (your left) before sliding and then rolling away. Move towards its right side to get under the swing, and then do not panic and roll toward its limbs with swords to attack it again. If you try to avoid the attack, you’ll likely be struck by the attack’s reach.

Another variant of this attack in which it executes its ascending slash, and then stays in the position of standing. After that, it launches the most deadly of spin attacks. Fortunately, it’s not moving at the moment, and it’s an additional chance to play with a range.

There are two massive gaps that you need to search for to take advantage of the massive amount of damage.

Then, once it leaps in the air to smash its formidable shield down it is easy to move behind it to launch with a more powerful attack. Spellcasters suggest that you stay away from it as you’ll be able to lure the weaker attacks to avoid.

Then, it will shriek during its attack. If it turns its head, it must take a step back. If you are a spellcaster, use this moment to cast some spells at it. For melee players, prepare for the force of a jump that’s aimed at towards its head when the animation has ended.

This roar rapidly builds to the intensity of your attack when you’re struck by it. Make sure that you’re timing is spot on. Madness is a status effect that shocks you, takes away a large amount of HP and is a drain on your FP. So, if you’re experiencing problems with timing, it’s best to avoid that.

However There are three typical attack types you need to avoid. The general rule is to stick with the sword-carrying hand of the Grafted Scion to ensure that you don’t get struck by the hitbox that lingers as you avoid.

The first is a quick combo which involves two swipes followed by the delayed thrust. Then, it launches a rising slash which propels it forward in the air, and it swiftly turns to attack twice. Thirdly, it launches a charged attack that makes use of its powerful shield.

The two attacks it can use are especially dangerous because Grafted Scion can hit you at times when you think it’s safe to do it. You could sneak in a hit prior to the delayed attack if you’re using a weapon that’s fast but it’s best to avoid it. But, the attack that comes with its formidable shield is too slow and telegraphed, that you may see it as a second chance to take on.

A shield that has the Barricade Shield Ashes of War can be a great help in creating more chances. It is possible to disrupt the momentum of the Scion that is being grafted and counter by using the Guard Counter and reduce the stagger meter.

It’s also a good idea to bait its jump attacks while you’re not in its vicinity. It’s very easy to avoid and opens up huge opportunities to ramp your spell.

If you’re staying away, it can use a few swift actions like swinging or thinning its sword. They stop you from jumping into the fight in a free attack. Do not make too much of an advance , and be prepared to withdraw at any moment.

Once it is at half health and it begins to impregn the sword (with the holy power of magic I think) and turn in a yellow. Typically, in television shows, characters could be able to get power-ups during the battle, and even have an extended monologue. But that’s not the case to this situation, as you can begin pounding against your Grafted Scion risk-free during this condition.

It now has more deadly attack options at its menu, and also some variations to its standard moveset.

The most important thing to be aware of is when it begins slamming every weapon down while walking. It then ends with a jump slam. Although it is risky, it gives an opportunity to attack should you catch it before.

This move is available to the spellcaster because Grafted Scion isn’t using its fantastic shield. Make sure to circle around it, and be ready for the slam, if you’re within melee distance. The attacker is vulnerable following the attack.

If you see the Grafted Scion starts strafing, keep an eye on it. Be ready for its delay. It’s possible to sneak in a second attack if you manage to avoid this.

In case you’re at the distance from where it is, you should be cautious at its Lunge attack, where it strikes repeatedly. Be careful not to try to block it since it can slash your strength. It’s lightning fast therefore don’t start your spell or incantation until you spot this. Dodge away first , then fire back.

There’s plenty of room to avoid since it raises its hands on both sides prior to performing numerous lunges. It’s got a lengthy reach and it’s safer to stay towards the side rather as opposed to away.

When it finally takes the swords on the opposite side It’s preparing to perform a two-part strike. Beginning at the bottom, cutting upwards, and then at the top then slashing downwards.

The first section is to avoid, and you can take advantage of it early, since it doesn’t stretch to the right, instead, it rises from the middle. Be patient for one second before doing it again, since there’s an ensuing delay.

It’s a bit tricky. Grafted Scion is a bit complicated, but their attacks can be clearly communicated with plenty of time to strike between. Make sure you are safe and attack only whenever it’s safe to do so and you’ll be able to defeat Grafted Scion.

Chapel of Anticipation Rewards

Congrats on your well-earned revenge! In defeating The Grafted Scion rewards you with 3200 runes, as well as its weapons include it is the Ornamental Straight Sword, and the Golden Beast Crest Shield.

It is said that the Ornamental Straight Sword requires 10 Strength and 14 Dexterity in order to use it. It has a unique technique known as”Golden Tempering.. Once you have mastered the weapon’s skills the weapon’s strength transforms into an attack with a combination of an ethereal essence.

Its Golden Beast Crest Shield is an excellent shield that requires 24 strength to be used. It’s a light shield that weighs just 12.5. It’s not the strongest greatshield, and you aren’t likely to find a great application for it. It’s nevertheless a great option to test greatshields, without making a huge commitment to strength.

At the very least, you’ll discover more about the person who is its user by the description and note..

After that take the bridge, and return to the beginning area and the chapel that is named after it. There’s a short path that may find near the chapel that is concealed in the rubble.

This is key item for the Stormhawk King key item. It might appear to be a summoner, but in reality, it’s needed to complete the quest. It is possible to give it to Nepheli Loux at the Roundtable hold during the Seluvis’s Plot quest.

In addition, there’s an thing you can find once you’ve arrived at the start point within Elden Ring. You can continue to the chapel until there’s a treasure box at the end. There’s an item called the Stormhawk Deenh spirit summoner.

Personally, Stormhawk Deenh is one of my most favorite summons. At a low cost of just 47 FP you’ll get a swift bird that is able to take your aggro well , and is tough to pinpoint. In addition, it provides an excellent attack boost for you and the other players in your group.

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