How to Reach Juno Hoslow in Elden Ring

How to Reach Juno Hoslow in Elden Ring

If you’re wondering how to reach Juno Hoslow, we can help you navigate it since it’s the last mission of a fascinating side quest inside the Elden Ring.

Have you ever thought that one could become a bounty hunter within Elden Ring? The only thing you have to do to join Volcano Manor’s team.

Volcano Manor can be described as an uncommon place within Elden Ring, and once you are accepted to join there, you’ll meet an amiable person there who is the twist in a secondary storyline of the game. This is the best way to become an experienced bounty hunter and kill Juno Hoslow!

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How to Reach Juno Hoslow in Elden Ring

Juno Hoslow is the final section of the Volcano Manor mission. The only way to track him down and defeat him while acquiring all the weapons and gears he has involves joining Volcano Manor’s resistance team.

Then, first look for Volcano Manor, located in the Altus Plateau’s northwest region. The best route is to go towards the mountain’s summit with ladders, avoid an arachnid-like boss at the top and leap onto the other side of the mountain. Then, take the road to the entry point of Volcano Manor Castle. Volcano Manor castle.

Inside, you’ll meet a female NPC known as Tanith, who offers you the chance to be a part of Volcano Manor. If you agree to the offer, you will receive an access key to every room in the manor. In one room, you will see an unopened letter placed on the table. Take the letter and then open the map. Now you should be able to see a red sign in Limgrave. It’s where you’ll be able to conduct your first bounty hunt.

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Take a trip to the red marker on the map, and then touch the red mark on the ground. This will allow you to enter the world of bounty. Kill him, and then return to Tanith to collect your rewards. Then, go to the same room, and choose the next letter. It’s another bounty hunter task that you can complete in Altus Plateau. Take out the bounty, and then come back to Volcano Manor to complete your final assignment, Red Letter.

The game asks you to kill Juno Hoslow, located at the Mountaintops of the Giants. If you aren’t sure how to access the area, we’ve already covered the area in an additional tutorial in this article. Hoslow is located at Shack of the Lofty, and a red marker on your map marks the exact location of Hoslow. It’s similar to bounties from the past.

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When you locate Juno Hoslow’s home, you can enter his realm and kill him to gain the entire armour and weapons. Return to the Volcano Manor and talk to Tanith to complete the quest.

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