How to reach Church of Repose Elden Ring: How to get to Church of Repose

How to reach Church of Repose Elden Ring: How to get to Church of Repose

To reach the Church of Repose in Elden Ring, You must visit Mountaintops of the Giants. The church is situated. Make use of the Grand Lift of Rold to gain access to the area, and then turn towards the east. Continue on your way until you get to the church.

There’s a Sacred Tear in front of an icon in the Church of Repose. Include it in your inventory, and then use it to increase the Crimson or Cerulean Flask potency to +12.

You must beat Bloody Finger Okina in order to reach the statue. After you’ve obtained the Sacred Tear, you can quit the area and continue to explore the Lands Between.

There are numerous sites of Grace located in the Mountaintops of the Giants area. You must activate all of them and save your top websites on a separate page.

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Keep an eye out on the lookout for Bloody Finger Okina.

When you get to your destination, the Church of Repose, Bloody Finger Okina, will besiege your home.

Okina is an intriguing NPC who can assist you in beating Radahn with his powerful Rivers of Blood katana if you’d like to obtain his katana to take on him.

If you’re not interested in acquiring the Rivers of Blood katana, you may avoid the battle. Okina isn’t a must opponent.

To the south of the church, a massive skull has been carved into the hillside that holds the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone in its mouth. It is yours to pick up and include in your inventory.

As you can see, there are three main goals in the Church of Repose: defeat Okina and gather the Holy Tear and The Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Enjoy gaming!

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