How to Quickly Fix Roku Error 020

Fix Roku Error 020

Is your Roku HDCP Error 020 displaying on your TV? Are you having trouble figuring out the right solution after trying every possible solution? We will help you find the root cause and show you how to Fix Roku Error 020.

High bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) protects copyrights that companies integrate into smart TVs and other devices. Both the devices and cables must be compatible with the HDCP protocol to work properly.

Let’s look at the error and how it can prevent you from playing the content that you choose on Roku. We will also discuss how to fix the unauthorized content error on your Now TV Box. Let’s get started.

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What Does Roku Error 020 Mean?

How to Quickly Fix Roku Error 020

Many users reported that when they tried to play the content, the following HDCP error code 020 was displayed.

All HDMI connections must support high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP).

Roku will display the 020 error when it cannot determine HDCP protocol compatibility between your TV and cable. The error may also be displayed if your Roku device’s display refresh rate and Display type are not correctly configured.

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How Do I Fix An HDCP Error?

How to Quickly Fix Roku Error 020

HDCP errors are most often caused by a problem with the physical connection between your TV and Roku streaming devices. These steps will help you fix the problem.

  • Remove the HDMI cable at both ends.
  • After 1 minute, unplug your Roku and TV power cables and reconnect them.
  • Plug both ends of your HDMI cable into the appropriate socket and place them correctly
  • Turn on your TV or Roku by plugging the Power cable into the main outlet.

You can also use a certified 8K 48 Gbps HDMI Cable or 4K HDMI Input Port on your TV.

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How Do I Fix Roku Error 020?

How to Quickly Fix Roku Error 020

If this fails to resolve the error code 020 in Roku, the following troubleshooting steps can be taken.

Disable Auto-adjust Display Rate Refresh Rate

The error 020 may appear on 4k compatible Roku devices if the TV’s display refresh rate is incompatible. To fix this error, disable the auto-refresh on your Roku device. This is how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Main Menu of your Roku device
  • Navigate to Settings, then System
  • Select Advanced System Settings from the System Options menu
  • Select Advanced Display Settings to disable the auto-adjust refresh rate

Restart Your TV or Roku Device

To make the changes take effect, restart your Roku device or TV after you have disabled the refresh rate. You can restart Roku via the Roku menu

  • Select Settings by pressing the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Navigate to Advanced System Setting
  • Scroll down and choose System Restart
  • Now, unplug your Roku and TV from the main power outlet
  • Connect the HDMI cable to both devices
  • Attach the HDMI cable securely between the Roku device and TV.
  • After waiting a while, plug in the power cable for Roku or TV to the main power outlet
  • Turn on your TV first. Once the main screen is visible, turn on your Roku.
  • Try it out!

To enable auto-detection, set the display type.

Sometimes setting the display type auto-detect may be enough to get rid of the Roku 020 error. Go to the Settings menu in the Home menu. Select Settings. Next, select Display type and set it to Auto-detect. Next, launch Roku to confirm that the error has been fixed.

Why is My Now TV box saying HDCP unauthorized content disabled?

You can fix the HDCP error when you watch any streaming content on your Now TV box.

  • To remove the HDCP error message, press the HDMI input source button on your TV.
  • Your TV and Now TV boxes can be powered off
  • Now, replace the HDMI cable connecting the Now TV box to the TV.
  • Turn on your device and check if the error persists
  • If the error persists, turn off the devices again. Then switch HDMI ports.
  • Turn on your TV and Now box again to get rid of the HDCP unauthorized content error.


This guide should have helped you fix the Roku error 020 and the Unauthorized Content error on your Now box. Disable HDR in Roku’s settings if Roku still displays the error. You can also switch your Roku device to support the latest HDCP protocol.

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