How to Quickly Fix Discovery Plus Error 400

Discovery Plus Error 400

Is Discovery Plus error 400 showing up on your streaming device? Do you see a no internet connection error? This guide will explain why you see the error code and how to fix it.

Discovery Plus is a great video streaming service that allows you to stream your favourite TV shows or movies. The content can be streamed on any streaming device. You may experience occasional issues with Discovery Plus, which has over 18 million subscribers.

Discovery has a lot of content. The app has many subscribers and can be prone to problems.

You can fix the 400 error code using a variety of troubleshooting techniques, regardless of which streaming device you use to access Discovery Plus.

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What Does Discovery Plus Error 400 Mean?

Discovery Plus Error 400

Many users report that they have experienced issues with playback and internet connectivity while viewing content on Discovery Plus. Along with an error message, a code 400 appears.

After that, users cannot playback video or view Live events. This error is mostly due to problems with internet connectivity, app glitches and software issues on streaming devices.

Why is Discovery Plus not working for me?

The following can cause an error code 400 when you watch a Discovery Plus program:

  • The Discover Plus servers are unavailable due to technical issues or maintenance
  • You are experiencing slow internet speeds or low signal strength on your home network
  • You are using an older version of the Discovery Plus app
  • Dinsey app cache is stuffed with junk data bugged cache
  • Your streaming device software has not been updated
  • The Discovery Plus app has been corrupted. It must be reinstalled.

How can I fix My Discovery Plus App?

Discovery Plus Error 400

These steps will help you fix Discovery Plus error 400

Check the status of Discovery Plus servers.

First, check the status of Discovery Plus servers. You should be patient while the Discovery service is up and running in your area. If Discovery’s service is working fine, you can continue with the troubleshooting steps.

Restart the Discovery Plus app, streaming device

Restarting the app is the next step to fixing the Discovery Plus error 400. On a mobile device, open the app’s settings section, force closes it and then launch it again.

You can force close the Discovery Plus app if your streaming device does not support it. To power cycle, your streaming device, unplug it from the main socket. After waiting 60 seconds, turn it on again.

Use a different device.

Discovery Plus Error 400

The Discovery Plus app can sometimes malfunction due to problems with your streaming device. If you’re using the web player to stream Discovery content on your smartphone, it is possible to troubleshoot this issue. If the error doesn’t appear anymore, it’s likely that your streaming device is malfunctioning.

Multiple streaming devices can cause the error. This could indicate a problem with your internet service.

Verify internet speed and connectivity issues

A poor internet connection is one reason that 400 errors may appear on your streaming device. Do a speed test to see if you have a sufficient internet connection.

If you find slow internet speeds, restart your router/modem or contact your internet service provider. If you have WIFI signal problems, you can switch over to a wired connection.

Update Discovery app or browser

Many users are experiencing issues with older versions of the Discovery Plus app. This can be fixed by checking if there is an update available for the Discovery Plus app. This can be done easily by accessing the apps manager on your streaming device and running an update there.

You should also ensure that your browser is up-to-date if you use Discovery Plus content.

Clear Discovery app cache, browser cache

Your Discovery Plus app may slow down sometimes due to cache buildup and junk files. You may experience slow connection speeds and performance issues.

Clearing the cache from a mobile device is easy. Access the Settings menu, then go to your Apps List. Select the Discovery Plus app, then click on the Clear Data button.

Navigate to “Manage Applications” Settings on Roku or Amazon streaming devices. Next, select Discovery Plus and clear its cache.

Instead of clearing web player cookies from the Discovery Plus website for any browser, you will need to clear browser cookies.


Discovery Plus error 400 may appear on your screen at any time. It can be quite convenient to learn how to fix this error when it occurs. You should have found one of these solutions to your problem. If everything is going well, you can contact Discovery Plus customer service to report the problem.

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