How To Preload Battlefield 2042 Beta Ps5

How To Preload Battlefield 2042 Beta Ps5

The Battlefield 2042 open beta is just about to begin and those who have bought the game pre-ordered and signed up to EA Play being able to begin playing the beta today! For all others you can preload the BF2042 beta to prepare for the general release on the 8th of October. We’ll guide you on how to load for the Battlefield 2042 beta on PS5 to ensure that you won’t miss an opportunity when the game launches.

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How do I prepare to Battlefield 2042’s open beta for PS5

The process of preloading Battlefield 2042 is as easy to do on the PS5 like it is on any other platform. However, for those who haven’t played a beta game before, we’ll be sure walk you through the process and make sure that you get in when the event launches.

Start your PS5 Select the search icon from the home screen and search for Battlefield 2042: Open Beta’.

Then, you can select the Open Beta and click “Download”

The BF2402 beta is now added to the Downloads/Uploads queue. The beta will be made available to play upon the applicable date of access.

Battlefield 2042 PS5 preload size

The BF2042 PS5 preload has a size of 16.87 GB. So make sure you have enough space prior to downloading.

How do I preload the Battlefield 2042 beta open on PS4

On your PlayStation visit the PS Store and search for Battlefield 2402 and then select the game.

Then, go into the Demo section. choose the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta”, and then choose the option to download.

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Battlefield 2042 PS5 beta details

Your preloaded beta will permit players to play Battlefield’s sandbox classic Conquest. Conquest which comprises multiple flags instead of specific control locations. Additionally, we will view an Orbital Map and meet four specialists: Webster, Maria, Pyotr and Wikus.

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