How To Parry Elden Ring on Keyboard and Mouse

How To Parry Elden Ring

Parrying is among the most crucial skills you can learn when playing Elden Ring. The ability to strike exactly at the right moment is not only extremely beneficial in defeating enemies and bosses alike, it’s also a very satisfying action each time you succeed in doing it. 

However, while parrying on the console controller is fairly simple, parrying using a keyboard and mouse isn’t as easy to understand. If you’re trying to figure out how to play in Elden Ring with a keyboard and mouse This is the tutorial for you.

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How To Parry On PC Elden Ring

For parrying in Elden Ring with your mouse and keyboard, it is as easy as pressing Right-Click while holding Shift. This will activate the parry. But, there are some things you should be aware of to ensure this happens. In the first place, you’ll need weapons and shields equipped. In addition, you need an armor that has the Parry ability. Parrying is a weapon-related skill and not a characteristic by itself. Without these skills you won’t be able to parry, and instead use your primary weapon’s weapon ability.

Parrying is the technique that is employed just before an attack of an opponent to deflect the attack and avoid the damage. It’s similar to blocking however, it’s more precise in timing and provides much greater benefits when pulled off successfully.

The art of parrying within the Elden Ring is a powerful instrument for any Tarnished. While it is challenging to learn the exact technique of parrying it could completely put your opponent completely unguarded. This is due to the fact that not the parry itself blocks but also attack, but it additionally throws your opponent and leaves them vulnerable to attacks.

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If pressing shift + right click isn’t working for you, you can alter the keys that are required to parry within the menu for controls. For this to be done, go to the menu pause or title and go into the tab for settings. When you reach the controls, ensure that you alter the inputs for the weapon’s capabilities (again shift + right-click by default.) You can set the input to whatever you like and kill will become the weapon’s ability/parry button.

That’s all you should be aware of when parrying with the PC edition of Elden Ring! If you find this guide helpful, post your feedback below and make sure to read other guides on Elden Ring. additional Elden Ring guides.

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