How To Pair Altec Lansing Speaker | Easy Ways

Pair Altec Lansing Speaker

Music is a pleasure. If you own an Bluetooth speaker, it can be linked to one of your devices in order to listen to the most beloved music.

This guide will explain how to pair Altec Lansing speakers with different gadgets. If you’re a music lover You’ve likely been able to hear the story of Altec Lansing speakers, at at. . Bluetooth speaker are becoming more well-known as is they are becoming more popular, and the Altec Lansing H20 Mini can be distinguished from other Bluetooth speakers.

If you have this device but aren’t sure the best way to link it with your smartphone and other devices, you’re in the right place. Therefore, with no additional effort let’s go through a brief overview of the steps you’ll need to follow.

What’s in It for You?

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How to Connect Altec Lansing Speaker

For Android

  • Hold the button and press the Power button.

The first step is to press and press the button to turn on the speaker. It’s important to hold the button in place for about three to five seconds prior to switching the speaker on. You’ll notice the flashing blue/red light once it’s turned on. The speaker will pair once you’ve noticed that light blinking.

  • Change the settings on the device you are using Android device

After switching on the speaker after turning it on, head through Settings within your Android phone and select Connections. In the Connections section, you’ll need to choose Bluetooth and then turn the speaker on.

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  • Find out which devices you’ve installed on your Android smartphone.

When you’ve turned on Bluetooth of your device then you’ll need to wait for a few seconds and then browse through the options available. It is best if you were there for a while until the Bluetooth speaker was visible in the area you were looking for in which case you could click it whenever it appears.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected to your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker to the Android phone. Let’s look at ways to connect it to your iPhone.

To iPhone

If you’ve found the method to connect with the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker with an Android phone, you are able to easily pair it with an iPhone as well. The steps below are what to follow.

  • Turn to the speaker

The first step is similar that you’ll need to press and hold the power button to switch off the gadget. Then, you can proceed to the next step when you spot the flashing red or blue light.

  • Change to your gadget’s Bluetooth on your device

You’ll need to go to Settings within your iPhone before turning on Bluetooth.

  • Find out what devices are accessible

Locate your Bluetooth speaker under “Available Devices then tap it. Then you’ll be able to listen to the music you like via you Bluetooth speaker.

To Windows 10

The initial step is likely to be similar as the second, but you’ll need to turn on the Bluetooth speaker. Let’s take a look at the other steps take.

  • Look up “Bluetooth” under the Settings

Open the settings on your desktop and then type in Bluetooth. Once you have entered your Bluetooth menu, you need to turn the Bluetooth on, and then hold for a few minutes.

  • Click on the Add Bluetooth or another gadget.’

If you select it after you click it the Window will pop up and you’ll need choose Bluetooth. There’ll be the option to add an item. Once your Bluetooth speaker shows up when you click it, to connect it.

For MacOS

Once you’ve turned on your speakers, you’ll have to follow these steps to connect the speakers on your phone.

  • Switch off the Bluetooth

If you own an item to connect to then, just tap on the Apple Menu and go to the preferences of your system. Choose Bluetooth and then switch off the Bluetooth.

  • Click Connect

After you have turned on Bluetooth After you have turned on Bluetooth you’ll have to wait to wait for to wait for the Bluetooth speaker to show up. Once you’ve done that choose it, click after which you can click connect. Once the connection is established and you are able to listen to your music right now.

This is how simple it is to connect with your smartphone using the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers. It can be done in a matter of minutes once you’ve mastered the right steps. If you are having trouble connecting your Bluetooth device, you’ll need to modify the settings on the Bluetooth devices by pressing power and volume buttons simultaneously.


We hope that you’re aware of how to connect with the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker with your device. If you’ve read this guide carefully and follow the steps we’ve described and you’re able to connect it in a matter of minutes. If you experience any difficulties, it’s advised to reset the speaker, and then try it to pair it again.

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