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SRT Files

This article explains How to Open, Edit, and Convert SRT Files at IdeaThrift. It explains what an SRT file looks like, how to make one, how to edit it or make one, which programs can play it, and how you can convert it to a different subtitle format.

Many computer users are frustrated by unfamiliar file types. There are so many file extensions that can be used for so many purposes that it can feel like you’re in danger of running into a problem.

SRT files, a type of subtitle file, are attached to a video file. They provide captions on the screen when you watch it.

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What is an SRT file?

An SRT file is a SubRip subtitle file that contains several time codes as well as the subtitles to accompany the video. This file allows your media player to display the correct subtitles while the video is playing.

SRT files are text files that can be used with video data. The SRT file does not contain any audio or video data.

How to open SRT files

It is easy to open any SRT file. You can open it with VLC, MPCHC, KMPlayer, MPlayer, and BS.Player or Windows Media Player (with VobSub plugin). YouTube videos can also use the SRT format. How to Open, Edit, and Convert SRT Files.

Opening SRT File as a Text Document:

SRT Files

This section will provide a brief guide on how to open an SRT file as text. Although it will not serve the intended purpose, you can open the file using a word processor. This is the best way to view the file’s contents and determine which video file it belongs to.

Right-click on the file and choose Open with; next, select the word processor that you prefer. While WordPad or Notepad is the most common way to open an SRT file in general, you can also use Microsoft Word or other word processors if you wish. Below you’ll find a list with timestamps and the dialogue.

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Open SRT file in VLC Media Player

SRT Files

VLC Media Player is a free media player that can play a variety of file formats and video formats. VLC Media Player is also a great program to use if your computer has trouble opening a subtitle file. It allows you to easily add any subtitle file to the current video.

Right-click on the screen to open the video file that is associated with the subtitles in VLC. From the menu options, choose Subtitle or Add Subtitle File. This will open a dialog box that allows you to navigate through your computer’s folders and locate the SRT file. Select the desired file, then click the same right-click menu and ensure that the file is selected under Sub Track.

Open SRT File in Windows Media Player:

Windows Media Player comes with Windows PCs. However, it’s not as simple to open an SRT file using the program. There isn’t an option to add it to a video. The program may pick up subtitle files if they are in the same folder as the video. Right-click the screen and choose Lyrics and captions. Next, select On if it is available.

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How to Convert an SRT file

SRT Files

SRT files can be converted to other formats by some SRT editors or video players. Jubler can convert an SRT file into an SSA or SUB, STL, XML, or DXFP file. These are all different types of sub-formats.

You can also convert SRT files online via or Subtitle Convert websites. can convert SRT files to MCC, TTML and QT.TXT. It can convert multiple files simultaneously and batch.

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