How to Make Your Discord Server Public 2022 [Easy Step by Step Guide]

make Discord Server Public

Are you searching for an option to create a Discord server open to the Public?

When you create a Discord server, it will be automatically set as a private server. If you would like to add users to your server, the server administrator has to send an invitation link for them to be able to join the server via Discord.

If you want to make your Discord server publicly accessible, you have to set up your server and make it accessible. This means you have to configure your private Discord server to make it accessible (Public) for the other Discord customers with the assistance of the “Community” feature.

Today, I’ve given the most straightforward steps to making your Discord server public in this post. Also, make your Discord server to be public, expand it to a huge number of users or viewers, and make it the best server for Discord.

Let’s get started.

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Important Requirements to Make Your Discord Server Public

make Discord Server Public

There are a lot of well-known Discord public servers with millions of subscribers. You can join them, join with great players and engage in games. To find the most known and largest Discord, you can check out the

If you’re looking to build an appealing and well-known Discord server, then there are some items you need to be aware of and follow.

Check out these important requirements before converting the private Discord server to Public and not private.

  • Your Discord server should have at the very least 7000 members.
  • You need to have a confirmed email linked to your Discord account.
  • Users must adhere to the rules of the community of Discord.
  • Your server should not contain explicit media information.
  • You have to activate 2FA on your account.
  • Created Servers must be eight weeks old to be converted into a public server.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above or your server meets these specifications, you can sign up or join an official server with Discord. However, if you don’t meet the above requirements, then it’s difficult to be able to become an account on a Discord open server.

Although you may have managed to set up a public Discord server, it’s unlikely to be around for long. Therefore, first, prepare yourself thoroughly and then take the plunge.

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How to Make a Public Discord Server?

make Discord Server Public

Creating a Discord open server is easy if you meet all the requirements. You must also create a server first on Discord before converting it into Public.

Once you’ve created an account on your Discord server, you can activate the server “community” to expand your server and connect with thousands of users. In addition, you will also use additional tools for an administration that are helpful to moderate your server.

Following that, the next step is to apply for “Server Discovery” so that other Discord users or users can locate your server through Discord. There is no need to send an invite link to each member for them to sign up to your server.

Additionally, you can use additional “Server Insights” tools that can help you keep your customers engaged and enjoyable without forcing them to leave.

A quick look: Don’t change your Discord servers to Public if they’re just intended for you and your few friends. Discord Public Severs (community servers) are designed for Discord users who would like to build an enormous server platform that other interested users can join and become an integral part of it to share their ideas and ideas.

If you’ve got some close friends and would like to play games and chat with them, you could play with private servers.

Let’s look at how you can set up public a Discord server with your PC or mobile device.

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Make Public Discord Server on PC

Discord Server Public

Discord has officially available on desktops to PC players. If you’re also into playing PC games and use the Discord desktop application to communicate with your friends, follow these steps to enable your Discord server to be available to the public.

  1. Start and run the Discord application on your computer.
  2. Create your server to Discord using the upper left menu.
  3. When you have found your server, click right-click on the server’s name.
  4. Once you have done that, select the server setting in the dropdown menu.
  5. On the other hand, choose Communities Settings to begin creating Discord public.
  6. You’ll be directed to your Discord Community page, where you can create an online community for your server and open up your server’s reach to all Discord users.
  7. Click on the Start Here button to proceed into the following step.
  8. You have to complete a community server setup procedure to make your private server into a community server.
  9. First, make sure to the verified email needed option and scan the media contents of all users option, then click the Next button.
  10. Then, choose your server’s rules or guidelines and updates for the community to be notified of announcements about your server’s public status shortly. Once you’ve done that, click next.
  11. Finally, click on ” Default notifications to Mentions Only”, ” Remove moderations permission from @everyone”, ” I agree and understand”, and click the Finish setup button.

Congrats!! Your private Discord server has been successfully changed to an official community server.

Now, you can access the overall insights of your community server Welcome screen, Partner Programme, Discovery, and Membership Screening. Additionally, you can create your profile on your community servers like your primary language, host to enforce your server’s rules, and moderator for updates to the community via Discord.

Now, the most important thing to do once you’ve made your server one that is a community server is you must enable ” Enable Discovery” to ensure you can ensure that the Discord server becomes open to the Public. This will mean that more users or individuals can find your server via your “Explore Public Server.”

We’ll go over the steps to set up an open Discord server to put the final touches on.

  1. Visit the settings of your Discord Community Server setting or follow the steps above.
  2. You can continue with the above steps if you are creating public Discord server.
  3. Select”Discovery” under the Community section. Discovery option.
  4. Then, Discord will check whether your server complies with the specifications to be included as part of the Discovery or not.
  5. If your server does not meet the criteria, first check this step before moving on to the following step. You can check your server’s eligibility on the Discovery page.
  6. If you’re competent to have your site publicly accessible or join Discovery, then click the Enable Discovery option.

Your private Discord server is now public. Plus, the server will be available for all Discord users from the moment on. Additionally, they will be able to quickly join your server without requiring an invitation code.

So, make your server’s public appearance more engaging and publish interesting regularly. This will help you increase the number of users and your server’s popularity.

Make Public Discord Server on Mobile

Also, you can set up your Discord server available for mobile devices.

Download the Discord app and sign up for an account with your email address, name, and one number. If you do not want to make use of your mobile number, you can remove your phone number from Discord.

Create your private server, and proceed to the next step to create a public Discord server available on Android and IOS.

Be aware that you won’t be able to find an option to enable the “Discovery” server option in the mobile version of the Discord application. Therefore, we’ll make use of or the website to enable your Discord server to be available to the public. These two websites allow you to upload your server and display it to all Discord users.

  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. Click to 3 lines starting from the top left side.
  3. Click on your server’s name at the top.
  4. Then, click on the Setting gear icon.
  5. Under Community Settings, tap on Enable Community option.
  6. Then, click “Get Started” to convert your server into the community server first.
  7. Then, select the available options, and click on the Next button.
  8. Set up a rule and community update to your server, then press the Next button.
  9. Now, you can enable “Default notifications to mentions only”, “remove or manage permission from @everyone role”, ” I agree and understand”, and press the “Finish” button.
  10. Then, open the browser on your device.
  11. Visit either or website.
  12. Last but not least, you should add your existing community server to their website.

Today you can be sure that your Discord server will be viewed by an extensive group of people (Discord members). If your server is informative and constantly active, then people will want to join it if they have an interest similar to your server’s topic. It is important to create an appealing server so that people don’t want to quit your server.

You can offer free coupons or gift cards and other deals to your members at least each month to keep them engaged with the server.

How to Make Private Discord Server Public?

Anyone can create a Discord server, private or public. All you need is to be registered with Discord to be able to add your server community (private server) to “server Discovery”.

If you have met all the specifications to be eligible for Discovery (where your server is public (or live)), you can apply. You can review the requirements at the beginning of the article.

If your Discord server isn’t accessible to the public, you may still be able to join the and sites. They are offered an inventory of Discord bots as well as Discord servers.

Just create an account and include your server. Following that, they’ll reveal your server to other Discord members. If the server you have is reliable or is active from time to time, people will be eager to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Know If My Discord Server is Public?

If the Discord server is public, members can join your server without requiring an invitation link. There is no have to accept the request or do anything else to accept new members on your server.

Can Anyone Join My Discord Server?

If you own a Public Discord Server, anyone can join, but when you’re running a private Discord server, it is your responsibility to invite people. Have to use the invitation link to join the server.

Why Can’t I Join a Public Discord Server?

If you are unable to join a public server, you may be a victim of a server administrator who has banned the new members from joining, or you’ve violated the rules of the community of Discord.

Does Dream Have a Public Discord Server?

Yes, dreams include a Discord server that you can chat and join with your colleagues.

Are you able to earn money by using Discord?

You can earn money by using Discord. If you are running an active Discord server, you can request cash (donation) within your chat. Simply enter ” donate” in your server’s message, and if there is interest in donating, you will be taken to a new page on which you can donate to yourself.

Final Word

It’s easy to set up an account on Discord; however, to convert it to an open server; you’ll have to pass a few requirements of Discord. If you’re qualified to join the public server, you will be able to increase the number of members and become more popular on Discord.

Post good content and be active with your players by giving them free items and other gaming deals. It will allow you to expand your server’s popularity effectively.

Best of luck with your server public on Discord.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments section. 

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