How to Make Someone Admin on Discord | 4 Easy Ways

How to Make Someone Admin on Discord | 4 Easy Ways

If you require a hand in managing your server, you can make someone admin of the Discord servers. By doing this, the user is able to perform the entire administrative task, including moderating the discussion and making channels. Here’s how to make someone Admin on Discord.

If you want to grant someone admin privileges, You’ll need to first make an administrator role. The role will be assigned to the user. The server administrator must also be the Administrator or owner to perform this.

Be careful when giving admin access to anyone because they could alter many items on your servers.

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Make Someone a Server Admin on Discord From Desktop

How to Make Someone Admin on Discord | 4 Easy Ways

Start by opening the Discord desktop application and Discord on the internet to begin the process using your desktop computer. Sign in to your account.

On the left-hand sidebar of Discord, select the server you wish to add someone as an administrator.

On the server’s homepage, located right next to the server’s name at the top, click on the down-arrow icon.

From the menu that is expanded, Select “Server Settings.”

To the left sidebar, select “Roles” to view the available positions.

To create the role with admin access, go to “Roles,” click on the “Roles” section on the right side, and click “Create Role.”

You’ll be able to see the “Edit Role” page. In the “Role Name” field, this is where you give a name to your new job. Choose a descriptive name, such as “Admin” and Administrator, to let you know the role. You can also make other choices for the job.

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How to Make Someone Admin on Discord | 4 Easy Ways

In the list of the tabs at the top of the page, select the “Permissions” tab.

Scroll down the “Permissions” tab to the bottom. Then, select “Administrator. “Administrator” option. This will grant all admin rights for the role that you’ve created.

Save your modifications by clicking “Save Changes” at the lower right. After that, press Esc to return to the screen of the server.

In the list of members on the right of the server screen, click the user you wish to add as an administrator. Right-click the user and select Roles > Administration (where “Admin” is the name of the role you have made).

Tips: If you don’t find the list of members in the upper right of the page on the server, you can click on the “Show Member List” at the top of the page “Show Member List” option.

The user you selected has been made an administrator for your website. All you need to do is click the button.

Should you wish to take away access to Admin for the account shortly, click right-click the user, select the Roles tab, and then Admin.

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Give Someone Admin Controls on Discord for Mobile

How to Make Someone Admin on Discord | 4 Easy Ways

To grant someone access to Admin via your phone, first launch the Discord application on your device. On the app’s left-hand sidebar, select the server to which you wish to grant someone admin access.

On the top of the page on the server, click the three dots at the top of the page.

Tap “Settings.”

Within “Server Settings,” tap “Roles” to view and create user roles.

On the “Roles” page, add a role using tapping “+” (plus) in the bottom-right corner “+” (plus) button located in the lower-right corner.

You’re currently on the “Role Settings “Role Settings” page. Click “Role Name” and type an appropriate name for the role. Select something descriptive, like Administrator and Administrator, for the title. Feel free to modify any other names you like.

Scroll down the “Role Settings” page to the end. In the next section, you can enable “Administrator” to grant the user all admin rights. After that, save your modifications by tapping the Floppy disk icon on the lower-right corner.

Return to the server’s homepage and tap “Members” to view the members’ list.

Then, on the “Member List” page, locate the user you want to make an administrator. Next to the user’s name, click on the three dots.

You can enable the box to allow a new role on the next screen.

Discord will save automatically the changes you make, and your chosen user has been made an administrator of your server.

If, in the future, you’d like to take away access to Admin from this user, simply tap the user in the member list and select that role.

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