How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord? Easy Guide

How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord?

Discord is among the most enjoyable places to relax. Gamers, streamers and other community members use the platform to interact with one another. If you’re using Discord to connect with members of your group, you’ll want them to adhere to the rules of your Discord rules for your Server.

One of the best ways to let your Server’s members know these rules would be to make an official welcome channel. The question is, How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord?

The welcome channels on Discord can be extremely helpful to inform new members of an overview regarding the rules of the Server and the best way to navigate, and other information.

Most new Discord users aren’t sure of how to create channels on Discord. This is why I’m here to assist the newbies with what steps to follow

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What are Discord channels?

How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord?

Discord utilizes Channels to let Discord members of the Server communicate with one another. Discord servers are categorized into two categories of channels: Channels for text and voice channels.

Each channel is devoted to one particular topic, and different rules can govern each channel. For example, on in-text channels, members of Discord can post messages, upload files, share images, etc.

On the voice channels, users will be able to communicate via a video or voice call in real-time. Users will also be capable of sharing their screens or watching Netflix via Discord, or watching films.

What Is A Welcome Channel In Discord?

The welcome channel of Discord is just like the other channels. The main reason for the channel is to inform potential users who join your Server know about the services you’re up to or what your Server’s all about.

It’s the first channel that they interact with, and you can make use of this channel as a welcome to give any information you’d like to.

In discussing how the Welcome channel functions, it is the case that when a new user is added to your Discord server via invite link, they’ll first be in the Welcome channel before placing them in General or another channel.

On the channel for a welcoming, you can create an individual welcome message to be sent to all new users that join your Server. This can be a very useful feature to provide them with information such as the rules and regulations that they must follow through your servers.

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How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord?

How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord?

The problem is that Discord cannot offer the tools to make an automated welcome message. However, Discord has support for third-party Discord bots. Therefore, it is extremely simple for us to make an inviting message.

You have to create a welcome channel and incorporate a discord bot into it. Let me assist in guiding you with what steps to take. have to follow:

  • Start Discordfrom your computer or your web browser.
  • Next, click to open your web server and select the Create Channel option located at the lower right.
  • Select the text-channel option. Then, give your channel a title like Welcome. Make sure that you don’t make it an exclusive channel.
  • Click on the create channel button.

That’s it. You’ve created an inviting channel. However, you won’t work right away. Instead, you’ll need to utilize a third-party Discord bot to make it work. I will help you with this as well.

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How To Set Up A Welcome Message In Discord?

How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord?

You can also enjoy additional features on Discord by using Discord bots. Discord bots are a simple function that can be added to your Discord server to perform certain tasks.

We’ll have to use a Discord bot for the customized welcome message on the Discord channel. There are numerous Discord bots available to help with this. But for this particular video, I’ll use mee6.

The steps must be followed: have to follow:

  • Visit Mee6’s website and click on the Add Discord to Discord button.
  • Follow all instructions on the screen and enable the bot to connect to your Server…
  • Once you have logged onto your MEE6 screen, click on the Welcome option from the sidebar.
  • Turn on the option to send a message whenever an individual connects to the server option.
  • You can then use the drop-down menus to select the welcoming message option.
  • After that step, you have to enter your welcome message in the Text messaging text area.
  • Additionally, you can use additional options. For instance, you can send an email to all new users, assign an account, and send them a message when users leave messages.
  • After you have customized MEE6’s MEE6 Discord bot according to your preference, click on the Save button.
  • That’s it. When someone joins your Discord server, they will be greeted with the welcome message you’ve created.

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Example: Discord Welcome Message Template

*No spamming is allowed to gain Moderator roles.

*Don’t oblige the DM to anyone on the Server.

*Only @mention moderators to get help.

*Ask questions to moderators via the support channel #support. Don’t use tags like @everyone/@here without asking permission (If it is done, there must be a solid reason for it).

*Don’t share illegal content.

*Don’t make public any personal details of members. Do not attack any member.

*This example is intended to give you a heads-up. You can modify and create rules according to your Discord server’s requirements. But, the rules above are fairly widespread and can be utilized for any server.

How do you make a goodbye channel for Discord?

In addition to the welcoming channel, you might decide to make an exit channel. You can then send an email to users when they exit your channel.

It is also possible to do this using Discord’s mee6 bot. Below are the steps that must be followed: have to follow:

  • Visit Mee6’s website, and sign in to your account.
  • From the Server’s dashboard, navigate to Welcome, located under Server Management.
  • In this tab, turn over the Send an email when the user quits this server function.
  • Then, select the Goodbye channel.
  • Then, write in your Goodbye message and press the save button.

Final Words:

This concludes the how to create an inviting channel on Discord query. I hope that the above steps will help you set up an inviting channel for the Discord server. But, if you encounter any difficulties or have other concerns, make your comments below.

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