How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord?

How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord?

There are many reasons to make a rules channel in Discord. It is essential to keep the peace, ensure that no one harms anyone else, and ensure that everyone’s communication is within a defined boundary.

The person who puts the Server uneasy should apply certain rules to the Server. We will walk through the steps to enable this.

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Why Should I Make a Rules Channel in Discord?

How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord?

The most important reason to include a Rules Channel in Discord is to establish limits for your members. When you assume the responsibility of managing a server, it is your responsibility to ensure that all members are at ease. By creating a rule channel, you can set the rules for the members.

If someone chooses to sign up for the Server, they’ll first have to comply with all rules set by the administrator. This will help create a secure environment that allows members to communicate. This will also help define the organization and outline the way things are done in the servers.

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How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord?

How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord?

To start the Rules Channel in Discord, you must open Discord on your PC then follow these steps in the following order:

Log onto Your Server and select your Server’s dropdown menu next to the Server’s name.

Select ” Server settings“.

Let Community continue with the changes to its administrative structure.

Get Started.

We’ll need to go through a set of security inspections. Make sure you have verified all members’ emails and scan the media contents from the members.

Select “Next“.

Suppose there’s no Rules channel already created. You can select ” Create one for me” and select ” Next“.

Then we will have the final ” Finishing touches“—Checkmark the boxes in all three.

Select “Finish Setup“.

You will now be able to access Member Screening to start the procedure of creating rules.

  1. Create a Membership screening.
  2. Select ” Get Started” in Server Rules.

Create multiple safety rules to allow for creating rules channels in Discord.

Select “Save“.

Add a description to your Server’s rule.

Press “Enable“.

The changes you make are saved immediately. You are now able to successfully create rules channels in Discord.

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What Rules Should I Add to Discord Server?

How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord?

The rules implemented in the Server must follow a specific set of rules specifically tailored to the platform it is focusing on. For instance, if you run gaming servers, you could create rules that apply to them and can bring harmony to gamers. Another aspect of being aware of is your demographics: the age of the people who participate in the Server may also impact the rules.

It is important not to be too rough while creating the rules so that it doesn’t cause people to be scared away immediately. But, do avoid being too permissive so that individuals can find ways to circumvent the rules. A few basic rules you can put in place on your Server include:

  1. Respect one another’s opinions and keep a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  2. Do not engage in debates on controversial issues.
  3. Do not spam the Channel.
  4. Don’t publish or share any personal information.
  5. Use not sexist speech.
  6. The sharing of adult content is not allowed.

Beyond the guidelines mentioned above, Besides the rules mentioned above, you can include things that you think as an admin are pertinent to your Server.

How to Make Rules Banner?

You could create a nice banner to provide your image to your server and then upload it. It will pique the users’ curiosity and make your Server stand out.

You can use the latest or any video or editing software or app to create a stunning advertising banner to promote your Channel. Software like Adobe PhotoshopPicsArtor even Canvato create your custom digital banner that you can upload to your Server.


In this article, we’ve discussed setting up rules channels in Discord. In addition, we examined what you can do to enhance the appeal of the Channel.

We hope that we could have created an outline that can help when you decide to establish rules channels on Discord.

If someone is trying to circumvent any rules or regulations, you can remove them or remove users from the servers.

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