How to Make a Poll on Discord | 3 Easy Method for PC and Android

Make a Poll on Discord

In this article, we’ll be taught how to Make a Poll on Discord using three different methods for the phone and Computer.

Discord comes with this awesome feature of polls through which we can share comments or suggestions from the members.

There are three ways through which you can create your own Poll on Discord, and I’ll go over the steps to follow for each of the three methods.

  1. Reaction Poll (Manually)
  2. Discord Poll Bot
  3. Poll Maker


  • Through Poll, In addition, you learn about active users on your channel. You can make an AFK channel on Discord to transfer these people to AFK.
  • You can also add up to five Emojis to react or alternatives to your Discord Poll.
  • It is recommended to add at least 2 emojis in order to react.
  • There isn’t a way to create a poll on android other than through the polling website that has been detailed in the steps below.
  • You can stop the Poll by deleting the link or by giving an instruction if you’re employing Discord Bot.

In this case, we’ll create the Poll question.

“Do you like my gameplay?” with two reactions: thumbs-up, and thumbs down

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How to Make a Poll on Discord – PC

How to Make a Poll on Discord | 3 Easy Method for PC and Android

We’ll begin with PC and also with Reaction Poll, which is the most efficient way to learn to create a poll using Discord.

Discord GIFs and their reactions are slightly different, which will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Method #1- Reaction Poll

Step 1: Start Your Discord Dashboard via the Windows App or through the browser by going to Discord.  

STEP 2: When your Discord dashboard is set up, search for the server where you would like to make a poll.

It is necessary to click the server icon, which is displayed on the left-hand side of Discord.

Step 3: Choose your Text Channel in which you would like to make a Poll. The Text Channel will show up in the server box, and the list of channels will begin with #.

If you’re new to Discord and don’t have a text channel, you can make any channel, such as one that is private or any other, by clicking on Discord Server>> Channels > Text and then clicking upon the +sign to create a channel.

Use any name you like, Poll, and click on create an account.

Step 4: manage permissions by selecting the gear that is set at the top right side of the channel for the purpose of creating the survey.

  • After the configuration is set, Once the setting is set, go to the Permission tab on the left side.
  • Now, in the Permission box, choose “@everyone” beneath the ROLE/MEMBER.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll find the options for permissions that begin with an X
  • Scroll down to find Read Messages. Click the checkmark to give reading permission.
  • You may also grant permission to others too, but it all depends on you.
  • Now click the X for all alternatives. Close the box, and continue to step five.

Step 5: Create an online poll on Discord by first writing your question. For instance: I’d like to make a poll asking, “Do you like my gameplay?” Then

  • Write your query within the field of text and press Enter.
  • You can now add your reaction to the question by hovering over the poll question, then click an icon that looks like an emoji with a + sign that appears on the right-hand part of your Poll.
  • Emojis are a great option to indicate reactions depending on the question you are asking. In this case, we’ll make use of thumbs up for Yes while thumbs down are for NO.
  • Then go to the add reactions page and enter thumbs up to search for the Emoji; choose and press Enter. Refresh the page to add a reaction; search for thumbs down. Select and press Enter.
  • Now that you’ve created a poll in the channel. People on the channel are now able to give their opinions regarding your query creating a reaction.
  • You can also include instructions and rules in the Poll to instruct your participants about what they should do. Similar to the Poll that we have created, we’ll write “Click: thumbsup: for YES and :thumbsdown: for NO”
  • This can prevent being a victim of trolling through various Emojis.

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Method #2 – Discord Poll Bot

How to Make a Poll on Discord | 3 Easy Method for PC and Android

With Poll Bot, you can easily create straw polls and reactions. To use Poll Bot Discord click the link to open the website.

STEP 1: When the website is online, click the GET button and then click on Discord from the drop-down.

STEP 2:Now, in the event that it asks you to sign in to Discord, then signs into Discord using the Discord ID and password. If it does not ask to sign in, it’s okay to skip this step.

Step 3: In the next screen, it will request you to add a bot to which you must click Choose the server and select the server from the drop-down list where you are on your channel which you wish to make your Poll.

Step 4: Hit “Authorize” to allow the inclusion of Poll Bot on the server.

Step 5: Go to your Discord dashboard and open the server where you have installed your Poll Bot. On the server, open up the channel that you would like to make the Poll.

Step 6: Then, you must manage all the things by giving commands to the Bot. It is now possible to make use of Poll Bot to make 3 kinds of polls.

We’ll take this same model for the question that we discussed above, which asks, “Do you like my Game Play.”

  • Reaction polls that are Yes or No poll: Write the Poll to ask: Do you enjoy my gameplay? And click Enter the Poll Bot will respond with thumbs-up, thumbs-down, and shrug reactions emoticons. Users are now able to click on the reaction emojis in order to vote.
  • Multiple response poll Enter: “poll title [option 1] 2[option 3] Poll Bot will reply with letters for each choice like A, B, C, etc.
  • Strawpoll Use the keyboard +strawpoll to type poll name[option1[option 2] [option 3 And Poll Bot will respond with an image and a link to an online poll at where the users are able to vote on the choices.

Step 7: Keep the Poll open until it is completed, then check the results after a few days to see the results from your participants. Hope this helps you understand how to create an online poll in Discord using the help of a bot.

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Method #3:- Poll Maker

How to Make a Poll on Discord | 3 Easy Method for PC and Android

Poll Maker is a website online for polls, and using this method, you are able to access the website and enter your query and then answer.

It will create the link to a poll you can post on the Discord channel. Users are able to visit the link and vote on their vote.

STEP 1:- Click the link to open the Poll maker website

STEP 2: When the website is live, then you must enter your question there where it asks you to. You can type it here. This means that we’ll use the same query that asked, “Do you like my gameplay.”

Step 3: The next step is to write your answers to this inquiry that the viewer can select. The answer to this inquiry in the form of “Do you like my gameplay” is yes or No.

Thus, then, write “YES” to the box in which you wrote YES, and in the second box.

Step 4: After you’re finished with your Poll’s question and answer, click “Create Free Poll,” which is on the green tab located on the right-hand side of the box.

5th Step: After you click Create Poll, Poll Maker will create two URLs. The first URL will be used to cast the voting, and the second is for viewing the results.

Step 6: Take the URL for Voting and paste it into the Discord channel in which you would like to create an online poll. Press Enter, then your Poll link will be posted within the channel.

Step 7: You could provide an instruction note to the user, such as “Click the link and vote, please.” The users will then open the link and begin voting.

Step 8: Give some time for users to cast their votes on your Poll. You can check the results by adding another URL to the browser.

I hope this will always work to your advantage, and you have another method on how to create polls on Discord using the Poll Maker.

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How to Make a Poll in Discord – Android

If you’re using Discord on Android phones, you can make an online poll through polling sites such as www.straw

I will walk you through step-by-step how to create a poll using Discord on Android.

STEP 1:- Open any of your web browser apps like Chrome and type on the address box and hit Enter.

Step 2: A straw poll allows you to make instant, real-time polls at no cost. When you click the link above, Straw poll’s website will be in operation.

STEP 3: Then type in your question in the area that tells you”type it here.” “type your question here.” If your question is similar, we will take, “Do you like my Game Play.”

Step 4: In step 4, you must select your poll selection with the highest amount of information you can enter is limited to three. For the above survey, our response is Yesand NO.

The poll maker is available for Discord on Android

Step 5: Settings for Filter Security To avoid duplicates and spam, we have some options.

IP Duplication Examining (Recommended) Optional: When this feature is chosen, duplicate votes will be blocked depending on an IP address associated with the user.

Browser Cookies Duplication Checking: Duplicate votes are removed depending on the browser used by the user. Users may vote with another browser on their device.

No Duplication-Checking: The option to not duplicate check: If you choose this option, duplicate checking is not allowed, and users are able to vote as many times as many times they like.

Improves spam prevention — With these options enabled, users will need to complete the small CAPTCHA, which is a quick test to confirm that they are human. This helps to prevent Vote altering.

Let Multiple Votes Answer (optional) If you have enabled this option, users will be able to vote on multiple options.

Step 6: After you have completed the above choices then, click the Create poll button that will pop up with a Preview. You can click on share and then look for Copy, which is located on the right side of the URL. You have access to the Poll URL that you may copy right now by clicking the COPY.

Step 7: Go to the Discord dashboard and then go to the channel you’d like to start the Poll. Copy the URL copied onto the channel’s text panel in the Discord application.

The work is done. You, or anyone else, can see the outcome of the link you posted.


I attempted to show you how to create the Poll on Discord for both PC as well as Android.

The Poll is a fantastic way to get people’s opinions, and be sure to take it seriously in order to receive the best possible view and vote from users.

There are 3 ways to make polls on Discord PC, 3 ways to create a Poll on Discord PC, and 1 way to create a poll on Discord Android.

Let’s get started with my survey. Did you like this article? Type Yes if it was beneficial to you, and type NO If you have any suggestions for me.

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